Fogless Mirrors Can Help You Save Time by Shaving in the Shower

Fogless Mirror
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Contrary to popular belief, men often spend more time getting ready than women. We know, fellas. Take a minute to think about all the times you told the woman in your life that she was taking forever in the bathroom and then make a mental note to send apology flowers.

Whether you share a bathroom and need to get ready while someone else is showering, or you have a steamy bathroom that doesn’t have great ventilation, lots of time is wasted waiting for mirrors to defog. With a fogless mirror, you can now shave in the shower or attach the mirror to your larger vanity mirror and shave whenever you want, cutting down on time spent during your daily grooming routine. In fact, these anti-fog shaving mirrors are one of our favorite grooming hacks.

Many of the mirrors on our list come with bonus features, including LED illumination, shelves to hold razors, or are compact enough that they can be used when traveling. If you want to save time without giving up your steamy showers, the best fogless mirrors let you have the best of both worlds. Now think of all the things you can do with your extra time.


1. ToiletTree Products Deluxe Fogless Shower Mirror

Get the most mirror-space possible with the ToiletTree Products deluxe shower mirror, measuring 9.5 inches x 7.5 inches, making it significantly larger than many other mirrors on the market. Guaranteed fogless for life thanks to its patented water chamber, the ToiletTree is shatterproof and comes with a small ledge that is perfect for holding razors. The ToiletTree can easily be mounted thanks to its removable silicon adhesive, which is designed to stay put when you want it to and easily moved to another spot when you’re ready to change locations.

Pros: A squeegee with a self-storage container helps users clean the mirror between users. Convenient shelf for shaving tools.

Cons: The ToiletTree features a bracket on the back that must be filled with hot water before every shower in order to neutralize the mirror and stop it from fogging, a process that some users may find tedious.

ToiletTree Products Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror Image courtesy of Amazon


2. ProBeautify Fogless Shower Mirror

For a low-maintenance fogless mirror, try the ProBeautify Fogless Shower Mirror. The mirror is neutralized by simply splashing hot water on the mirror at the beginning of the shower. Guaranteed to remain fogless up to 100 degrees, the ProBeautify features a razor hook and is attached by a suction cup, making it easy to move the mirror anywhere you like, including into your suitcase to take with you on trips.

Pros: The ProBeautify has a 360 degree flexible arm that makes it convenient for users to adjust the mirror to any angle they need.

Cons: At 6 inches x 5.75 inches, the ProBeautify mirror is smaller than our other picks for the best shaving mirror.

ProBeautify Fogless Shower Mirror Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Deluxe Shave Well Shower Mirror

For a mirror that is easy to set up and neutralize shower steam, try this convenient anti-fog shower mirror. Simply hold the mirror under the shower stream for a few seconds for a long-lasting, fog-free mirror. The mirror can be placed anywhere thanks to its included adhesive hanging hook, which is easy to set up where needed and holds up even in high-moisture environments.

Pros: Can easily be moved between the shower and the bathroom vanity by simply purchasing a second adhesive hook.

Cons: It’s recommended to routinely clean the mirror (hint: use a pea-size glob of toothpaste to help remove and protect against water spots).

Deluxe Shave Well Shower Mirror Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Mirrorvana Fogless Shower Mirror

For a fog-free mirror that is easy to adjust, we recommend this fogless shaving mirror. The mirror can easily attach to almost any flat surface, including glass, enamel, marble, acrylic, ceramic and porcelain by using the strong suction cup on the back. A ball-joint swivel design enables users to turn and position the mirror in any direction quickly and conveniently. The 100% plastic mirror is shatterproof and measures 5.2 by 5.2 inches. That’s a bit smaller than we’d like; however, the swivel feature makes it easy to focus in on the part of your body being shaved. That’s an especially useful feature if you’re shaving something other than your face.

Pros: The Mirrorvana’s anti-fog coating means users don’t have to run the mirror under water before each shower like they do with other designs.

Cons: Users will have to periodically spray the mirror with the Mirrorvana Antifog spray after the initial coating has worn off. Suction cup can become less reliable with repeated use.

Mirrorvana Fogless Shower Mirror Image courtesy of Amazon


5. ToiletTree Products Fogless Shower Bathroom Mirror

Get four products in one with this combination storage shelf and shaving mirror. Not only does the ToiletTree include a fogless mirror that is ideal for use while shaving in the shower, but it also includes two large 16-ounce refillable containers that can hold shampoo, conditioner, body wash or face wash. A small shelf along the bottom of the mirror completes the caddy design and can hold razors in between use. The self-storage squeegee provides an easy way for users to keep the mirror looking clean. The ToiletTree includes a small detachable chamber where users can add warm water to ensure that the mirror remains fog-free while in use. If you are sick and tired of mostly empty shampoo bottles cluttering up your shower, this is one of the best fogless shower mirrors we’ve found.

Pros: An adjustable bracket makes it convenient for users to tilt the mirror to their desired angle. We also like that the mirror can detach if necessary.

Cons: The ToiletTree comes with a big price tag. Refilling the warm water chamber before use can be a pain.

ToiletTree Products Fogless Shower Bathroom Mirror Image courtesy of Amazon


6. ReflectXL Shower Mirror

For a large and affordable mirror that won’t fog up in steamy showers, try this fogless shower mirror from ReflectXL. The ReflectXL comes with a waterproof adhesive hook that can be attached to most flat surfaces and has an impressive weight limit. The mirror includes a 5-foot paracord that allows users to easily re-adjust the height of the mirror, a great bonus for homes with multiple people using the same shower. We also like that the ReflectXL is resistant against hard water stains.

Pros: The ReflectXL comes with a back-up hook that can be placed in a second bathroom, allowing users to easily move the mirror between two showers.

Cons: The ReflectXL becomes fog-free after being held under hot water for a few seconds on each side, but this must be done each time it’s used. Because of the hanging design, it can twist on the cord when it’s not resting on flat surfaces.

ReflectXL Shower Mirror Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Mirrorvana Fogless Shower Mirror

For homes where two people are sharing the same shower, we recommend the Mirrorvana Fogless Shower Mirror With Shelf. The mirror includes a shelf with places for two razors, providing a spot for each user to store their shaver. The shatterproof mirror is safe for use in bathrooms and includes an adhesive back for easy installation on surfaces like marble, glass, acrylic, enamel, ceramic and porcelain. The mirror can be tilted and positioned in several ways thanks to the swivel ball joint.

Pros: The Mirrorvana is one of the only mirrors available in black.

Cons: Users must remove the mirror from its bracket and fill the back with hot water every time they want to use the mirror which can be time-consuming.

Mirrorvana Fogless Shower Mirror With Shelf Image courtesy of Amazon