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Slide One Of These Foot Rests Under Your Desk To Take a Load Off Your Feet at Work

* Raising your feet off the ground at work can improve circulation and posture
* These under desk foot rests are quick and easy to install
* Each foot rest is well reviewed by users and ideal for office and home use

If you spend your days at a desk in an office, you’ll already know that sitting all day can become tedious and quite uncomfortable. There are a number of ways to deal with this situation. From ergonomic chairs to in-office workouts, these office additions can alleviate the pain in the butt that is sitting. One easy option, which helps improve your circulation and maintain good posture throughout the day, is a foot rest.

Foot rests are easy to add to any office environment. If your legs are too short to reach the ground from your chair, they provide a handy bridge to the floor. Alternatively, for everyone else, they provide a comfortable place to rest your feet. Many designs also feature bumps to provide your feet with a day-long massage and encourage active sitting.

Check out these 5 foot rests and start making your office sitting time less tedious and more comfortable.

1. AmazonBasics Foot Rest


is a simple, straightforward and popular footrest choice. It provides everything you need to raise your feet off the floor in a comfortable position. The rest includes a textured surface to prevent your sleep from slipping and a free-floating design, which can be tilted back and forth to the most comfortable position for you. This AmazonBasics product is ideal for use under your work desk or even near in your favorite chair at home.

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2. Mind Reader Adjustable Height Ergonomic Foot Rest

With the

under your feet, you’ll be able keep your feet just where you want them while also aiding your circulation and posture while sitting. The design sports non-slip feet to prevent unwanted movement, while the height of the rest can be moved between 3 positions. You’ll also find rigid edges and bumps on the plate to keep your feet secure.

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3. S Smart n Comfy Foot Rest Cushion

Sporting a simple yet still effective foot-supporting design, the

is easily transported for use at the office and at home. The cover of the cushion is covered in micro beads, which provide traction for your feet as well as an enjoyable massage. The outer cover is also fully removable, making cleaning a lot easier. The semi-circular design allows the device to be used in both orientations for a different foot support experience.

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4. Well Desk Rest My Sole

Another semi-circular cushion, the

is made from a resilient foam for ruggedness and comfort. The compact yet supportive build ensures there’s always plenty of room for your knees under the desk while the soft and plush exterior provides a great experience for your feet. There’s also an anti-slip tread on the underside as well as a removable cover for easy cleaning.

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5. Office Ottoman Foot Rest

It’s easy to flip the

either up or down depending on what you need. Place the flat side up for a rocking support or place it down for a more stable and rounded platform. This foot rest can be used on all kind of floors, from marble to carpet. In addition, the cushion is covered in micro beads for a comfortable massage as you sit. These beads also provide traction on slippery surfaces, and the cover is completely removable to make cleaning simple.

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