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This Plate Has a Built-In Holder For Your Wine Glass

* Built-in wineglass stem holders
* Ideal for dinner parties with passed apps and drinks
* Brilliant and chip-resistant Fortaluxe finish

These practical and innovative yet highly aesthetic dinnerware pieces are well-known from some of the world’s top restaurants and hotels, and they’ll make excellent addition to any home kitchenware collection as well.

Its clean square design, trademark Fortaluxe super-white finish and well-earned reputation for durability make it an easy recommendation when it comes to choosing dinnerware that complements modern and refined decor. The Fortessa Square Pass Plate also has a built in nook for attaching the stem of a wine glass, an innovative feature that is easy to underestimate.

These plates are also stackable, with their balanced edges and subtle borders allowing them to remain suitable for all kinds of foods including pasta dishes, crostini, salads and more. The plates measure about 7 and a quarter inches and are made of vitrified china reinforced with alumina oxide or magnesium oxide for outstanding and safe durability.

They are glazed for thermal shock and edge chipping resistance as well, meaning that, unlike many lightweight and stackable plates, they will not develop cracks over time and are fully dishwasher-safe.

It’s no wonder these dinnerware sets are the go-to choice for many of the world’s busiest Michelin-starred restaurants; they not only look great, but maintain their looks exceptionally well over time, holding up to hundreds of washings and never discoloring thanks to their Fortaluxe finish. Plus, its inventive wine holder feature puts the Fortessa plate in a class of its own.

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