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This Pet Carrier is Totally a Snugli for Your Dog

* Designed with lightweight, comfortable materials
* Adjustable shoulder straps
* Self-fastening hook for secure transport

Whether it’s out to the dog park, brunch with friends, on a plane or to the vet, you’ll be able to carry Fido with you on all your adventures in style, safety and comfort with Fosinz Pet Carrier Backpack.

The Fosinz Pet Carrier gives you the peace of mind of never leaving your furry friends behind, and with a smart front backpack design (or you can carry you pet like a traditional backpack), you’ll have eyes on your pooch at all times and never have to worry about losing your pup while going outside.


Made with lightweight construction of mesh, canvas and quilted plush, your pet will be carried in breathable and comfortable sponge-like material that won’t burden you with extra weight, while giving your pet a snug place to rest and enjoy the view around him or her. It also features adjustable shoulder straps so you won’t experience fatigue; while the self-fastening hook will keep Fido secure and guarantee a safe transport no matter their size.

You and your pet will also enjoy the fun and fashionable designs the Fosinz Pet Carrier Backpack has to offer. Choose from stripe, leopard, camo, denim and blue that’s sure to garner compliments all without breaking the bank.

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