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The Philippi Mesh Bowl: A Functional Design Piece

* Industrial modern fruit bowl
* Constructed from lacquered, powder-coated steel wire
* 8” bowl size for smaller fruits

A fruit bowl born to catch one’s eye, this industrial-modern style bowl is a stylish accent piece for your table or kitchen. The mesh wire design is versatile and will match a variety of different kitchen and dining rooms. The open wire design lets the color of the fruit peek through, giving your dining area a pop of color.

At eight inches wide, this bowl is ideal for storing smaller fruits, like oranges and apples. The coated steel construction creates a subtle elegance without looking overly stark, making it a versatile choice for any home decor style.

This bowl may offer nutritional perks for your family as well. Since the colors of the fruit can be seen through the open wires, you’ll easily know when it’s ripe and ready to eat. This bowl’s subtle healthy-eating propaganda may just have your family eating more fruit in no time.

The Philippi fruit bowl was made in Germany from powder-coated steel, making it both a durable and lightweight option. The airy weight is great for families with curious toddlers as well, as it doesn’t pose a safety risk if dropped like other bowls.

The Philippi Mesh Fruit Bowl offers a sleek way to display your fruit, whether as a centerpiece or contemporary storage solution on your countertop. It’s ideal for families and lovers of modern design alike.

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