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Knock, Knock: 9 Funniest Doormats for Humorous Hosts

* Mats for dog lovers, wine lovers and more
* For dog lovers, cat lovers and more
* Silly jokes and salutations

Want to set the tone for your humorous home before your guests step into the house? Then you need one of these hilarious doormats.

1. Beware of Cat Doormat

Here’s a perfect gift for the cat lover in your life. The Beware of Cat Doormat sets expectations while also providing a slip-resistant dirt catcher to keep the floors in your house cleaner.

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2. Beware Dog Can’t Hold Licker Doormat

Give your guests fair warning about your hyper hound with the High Cotton Beware Dog Can’t Hold Licker Doormat. No matter who leaves footprints on it, your dog or your guests, it’s easy to wash clean with a hose or brush.


3. Please Stay On The Mat Doormat

The Please Stay on the Mat Doormat does for front doors what automated answering does for phones. It’s dry humor on water resistant material that will keep you laughing for years.


4. Open Door Wine Policy Doormat

The Open Door Wine Policy Doormat presents a simple proposition to your guests. And with any luck will earn you a steady flow of free wine. This mat is made from 100% Olefin indoor/outdoor carpeting with bound stitched edges to keep it looking good for years.

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5. Do You Live Here Doormat

This High Cotton Do You Live Here Doormat does the talking for you. Its multiple choice amusement segments people into two groups: Those who live here and those who better have a good reason for stopping by. Long lasting and easy to wash.


6. Doorbell Broken Yell Ding Dong! Really Loud Doormat

Like a good practical joke? Then the Doorbell Broken Yell Ding Dong Doormat is for you. You’ll get hours of amusement hearing who does or doesn’t follow this doormats orders. Perfect for home, vacation house or cabin. Also makes a great housewarming gift.


7. Keys Phone Wallet Doormat

Never forget your essentials again with this Keys Phone Wallet Reminder Doormat. Makes a great housewarming or wedding gift. And you’ll be amazed at how helpful it really is.


8. Not a Joke Dog Doormat

The Not a Joke Dog Doormat is actually a hilarious way to greet all your guests. Plus it helps keep dirt outside where it belongs.


9. Home & More Hi Bye Doormat

Let the Home & More Hi Bye Doormat serve up your salutations. It features all-season, colorfast and weather tolerant design along with a vinyl backing to help keep it in place. Best of all, it greets you every time you return home.

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