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Our New Obsession? These Funny Garden Gnome Massacre Lawn Statues

Spring landscaping can take many forms. Some people swear by planting perennials, others can’t live without their favorite weed wacker. Others need a hilarious, slightly morbid garden gnome massacre statue to really tie the whole yard together. We definitely fall into the latter camp, and we wanted to highlight some of our favorite picks this spring season.

The exact moment when society fell in love with lawn gnomes is unclear, but needless to say, they’ve become a permanent fixture in countless gardens. And almost since their inception, funny garden gnomes have been a popular option. We only recently discovered the garden gnome massacre, and we instantly added it to our guide to the most unique Mother’s Day gifts. Since there are tons of these funny garden gnomes available online, we couldn’t help but pass along the joy to you, just in case you’ve got a mother-in-law or eclectic aunt you need a gift for.

Instead of a silly little gnome sitting on a mushroom, what about a garden gnome being stuffed in a sack by bigfoot? That’s just one example of the delightful lawn decor trend. Here are a few of our favorite statues available to order now, so you can adorn your manicured, lush, vibrant yard with the perfect, albeit slightly macabre cherry on top.


Dinosaur Gnome Garden Statue

This T-Rex garden gnome statue is available from a few different retailers, and we’re in love. The hungry dinosaur is hand-painted with bright, ultraviolet paint that makes it strong and durable against the elements. It’s perfect for any garden or backyard.

dinosaur garden gnome statue, funny garden gnomes


Unicorn Attack Garden Gnome Massacre

Some products just speak for themselves. What can we say about this garden gnome massacre that isn’t said by the delightful picture below? If you collect funny garden gnomes, this is a must-have for your garden.

unicorn attack garden gnome massacre


Mischievous Cat Garden Gnome Statue

The chances of your cat killing you are low… but never zero, and this garden gnome statue proves that. Instead of a vicious T-Rex it’s a cat attacking these pour garden gnomes. They’re clutched in its paws and mouth, and there’s even one of them reprimanding the cat with a rolling pin. We’re guessing he’s not going to be too deterred by the threat of a measly kitchen tool. Bring the laughs and dark humor to any indoor or outdoor space with this adorable statue.

mischievous cat garden gnome statue, funny garden gnomes


BigMouth Inc The Great Garden Gnome Massacre

Is it another Tyrannosaurus rex, or is it Godzilla? Who cares — it’s hilarious. The garden gnomes are under attack, indeed.

garden gnome massacre with text that reads: the gnomes are under attack


Muse Design Garden Gnome Turtle Statue

This funny garden gnome statue includes garden gnomes taking back their power by slaying and riding a turtle. It’s made from durable, high-quality stone resin that’s weather-resistant, with a coating designed to protect it from the elements.

Muse design turtle garden gnome, funny garden gnomes


Miniature Bear and Funny Garden Gnomes

An adorable bear snacking on honey? Wrong. This bear is snacking on garden gnomes dipped in honey, combining multiple cute tropes and turning them dark. The statue is made with non-toxic materials and is waterproof, perfect for outdoor use.

bear garden gnome statue


Sasquatch Garden Gnome Statue

The gnomes in this statue actually look like they’re having a pretty great time being slung over the shoulder of this mythical giant, but we’re still including it as a funny garden gnome option this spring. Who doesn’t love some sasquatch humor?

sasquatch garden gnome, funny garden gnomes


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