These Wacky Office Supplies Will Make You Wish it Was Already Lunch Time

ramen notes
ramen notes

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* Food-themed office supplies and desk accessories
* Great as novelty gifts or co-worker pranks
* Makes going to work a little more fun (and helps to pass the time)

Make your time at the office that much more appetizing with these hilarious food-themed office supplies. Whether you just want to showcase your love of certain foods or send not-so-subliminal signals that maybe it’s time for your lunch break, break out these delectable office essentials and put the idea in everyone’s head that somebody ought to Amazon Prime some workplace snacks.

1. Pizza Mouse Pad

We’ve all heard of the infamous Pizza Rat, but you can make your office computer mouse into a virtual “pizza-mouse” with this pepperoni pizza mouse pad.

pizza mouse pad Courtesy amazon

2. Ramen Notes

Sticky notes and Ramen are much alike, if you think about it. After all, they both come in a pack, cost 99 cents more or less, and helped get you through college. Celebrate the resemblance with this pack of ramen-themed sticky notes.

Ramen notes Courtesy Amazon


3. Hot Dog Stapler

The Weinermobile is iconic of course, and this thing is pretty much the Weinermobile of staplers.

Hot dog stapler Courtesy Amazon

4. Mustard and Ketchup Pens

This mustard and ketchup-themed pen and highlighter set is not only great for writing and, well, highlighting with, it’s also a great prop for an office class clown: getting ready to sign some important document? Make it look for a second like you’re going to spill ketchup on it instead!

Mustard ketchup bottle pens Courtesy Amazon


5. 64GB Hamburger USB Stick

This “hamburger” isn’t packed with fat, calories or carbs, is completely gluten-free and presumably vegan. It’s also reusable. However it’s not for you, it’s for the office computer.

Hamburger USB drive Courtesy Amazon