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Get FREE Money at Gap With This Amazon Hack Right Now

Who doesn’t love free money?

Right now, buyers can currently get free money when purchasing a Gap gift card on Amazon. We’ve seen deals like this happen before at Amazon before, but they tend to go just as quickly as they come, so don’t leave yourself hanging.

Courtesy of Amazon

By purchasing a $50 Gap gift card on Amazon, buyers will be saving $10 with their purchase. Meaning, yes, that $50 gift card will only cost you $40, giving you $10 for free to spend at Gap. Now that’s a hack we can’t make up! What are you planning on picking up? The best t-shirts for men? A brand-new puffer jacket? Your next go-to pair of comfortable blue jeans? The world really is your oyster with this deal.

Though this isn’t the only hack where buyers can get free money on Amazon right now (you can also get $20 free when purchasing select items), we can’t say that it’s not one worth checking out. We simply love a good deal.

Keep in mind, this deal is only available on Amazon. You will purchase the gift card on Amazon for 20% off, giving each buyer a $50 card value at the price of $40. This card is only available to use in-store or online at Gap. That means although you will purchase this gift card on Amazon, you will not be able to use it on Amazon, just at Gap.

This is a no-gimmicks offering that will likely only last the rest of today, so stop what you’re doing and get $10 free to Gap below. Time for a much-needed winter shopping spree.