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These Handcrafted Garden Tools Are Looking Sharp

* Made of riveted, forged steel
* Built in the USA
* Five handy tools for spring planting

This set of five essential garden tools is a great way to give the gift of timeless American craftsmanship, while prepping the yard for spring. Handcrafted by Fisher Blacksmithing in Bozeman, MT, the set has the look and feel of something built to last.

Unlike so many of the items we use daily in this era of planned obsolescence, these riveted, forged steel garden tools are the kind of thing that lasts literally thousands of years. Had Charlemagne the Great shown an interest in gardening, he might have had the Holy Roman Empire’s blacksmiths forge such tools as these.

The Garden Tool Gift Set from Fisher Blacksmithing comes with a large planting trowel, a narrow perennial trowel, a square hand hoe, a pointed hand hoe and a three-tined rake. The classic set-up, these tools are a great choice whether you’re a seasoned green thumb growing your own vegetables, tending an urban garden or are just starting to plant some herbs or flowers in the spring.

Now is the perfect time of year to start planning your outdoor look too; on the verge of spring, it’s just the time for optimum growth for bulbs and annuals.

Instruments like these remind us that sometimes the old adages really do hold true: the right tool for the job is everything, and a lot of the frustration facing amateur gardeners comes in the form of not having the right ones for the job. So, rather than calling a shovel a spade (it’s not!) check out this handcrafted set. It’s made from sturdy forged steel that’s shaped over the anvil with a hammer, then finished with steel rivets and American Black Walnut handles. They might seem too handsome to use, but rest assured, these tools are meant to be put to work.

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