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Get Organized and Stay Organized With These Helpful and Convenient Garment Racks

Garment racks, while typically known for their commercial use, can make for great storage and organization options in your own home. Use them for clearing up the clutter that has accrued on your floor or as an easy way to store your heavier seasonal clothing items (winter coats) that can take up valuable closet space.

Garment racks are also a great option for rooms that don’t have a dedicated closet or wardrobe for hanging clothes. With a garment rack, users can keep their clothes organized and wrinkle-free, regardless of how much storage space they have (or don’t have) in their bedroom, front hall or basement.

Below are some great garment racks that are either industrial-grade and/or heavy-duty and will hold all of your clothing and accessory items. Some of the racks are made with Z-bases that, when not in use, allows you to nest multiple racks, giving you greater storage and extra space. These racks also have fast and easy knock-down construction making them portable and easy to store. For users who want to be able to move their racks, we’ve included options with durable wheels.

Get your clothes off the floor and keep them clean and looking new with a useful garment rack.

1. Econoco Commercial-Grade Garment Rack

Econoco’s Rolling Z-Rack, while ideal for use in showrooms and warehouses, can be used as an incredibly durable storage space for your home as well. It’s z-base comes in three parts that bolt together and make for fast and easy collapsing. The unique base also means the racks can nest together when not in use. It has a chrome finish and black base and is perfect to hold all of your clothing and any other needs you may have.

Pros: Nesting design, easy assembly, can be collapsed when not in use.

Cons: The clothing bar is not adjustable.

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2. Simple Houseware Garment Rack

The Garment Rack by Simple Houseware is built with heavy-duty steel that will hold any garment(s) you choose to hang including storage of heavier seasonal items such as winter coats and gear. Its elegant chrome finish will fit in with almost any decor style, it comes with durable wheels and has an extendable horizontal rod that can go from 42.5″ to 66.75″, giving you plenty of storage space. We also like that this clothing rack is collapsible and easy to carry.

Pros: Can hold heavy items, is collapsible, has durable wheels for easy moving.

Cons: The wheels do not have a locking apparatus.

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3. Iris Metal Garment Rack

Want a place to store your clothes and shoes but need them to be out in the open? We recommend the Iris Metal Garment Rack, which is a functional piece of furniture that adds to the home’s decor. Ideal for bedrooms or front hallways without a closet, the Iris combines wood and metal for a sturdy and stylish clothing rack. The single rack, which is high enough to hold long pieces of clothing, has a max weight limit of 22 pounds. The individual wood shelves can be used for shoes, bags, folded clothes or to display gadgets and keepsakes. Each shelf has a max weight limit of 11 pounds (the extended bottom board can hold 22 pounds). The angled frame and sturdy based keeps the rack in place.

Pros: Attractive design, high weight limit for rack and shelves, sturdy frame.

Cons: Assembly is tedious and time-consuming.

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4. Alera Wire Shelving Garment Rack

If you need a spot to store heavy winter coats, boots, shoes, and luggage, we recommend the Alera Wire Shelving Garment Rack. Made with strong welded wire, the Alera has a total weight limit of 350 pounds, considerably higher than any other garment rack on our list. Three individual shelves provide space for duffel bags, small suitcases, shoes and electronics while the four-foot hanging rod provides enough clearance to hang most clothing items. Four support hooks for umbrellas, bags, ties, belts or towels are included on one side of the rack. Four locking wheels provide easy maneuverability and the open design of the wire shelves helps to prevent dust build-up.

Pros: Impressive weight limit, high rack clearance, long shelves for larger items.

Cons: The Alera can be somewhat challenging to assemble.

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5. Whitmor Supreme Double Rod Garment Rack

Hang your long and short items easily with the Whitmor Supreme Double Rod Garment Rack. The 76” high rack includes two hanging rods inside the rack for shirts and folded pants. An adjustable swinging hanger arm can also be utilized for a handful of longer items, like dresses or belts. The bottom and top rack provide some added storage space for lightweight items, including shoes and accessories. We also like that the Whitmore includes locking wheels for easy maneuverability and secure parking.

Pros: Locking wheels, swinging sidearm for long items, no-tool assembly.

Cons: The second rack has a very short clearance that makes it difficult to hang most adult-sized shirts.

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