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Review: I Was Skeptical, But These $7 Non-Toxic Fruit Fly Traps Are Diabolically Effective

Houseplants and bowls of fresh fruit are amazing homey touches to any house or dwelling. They’re also virtually impregnable fortresses for fruit flies, gnats, and other exceptionally aggravating pests.

Those little flying monsters, by the way, reproduce at a dizzying rate. Female fruit flies can lay between 50 and 70 eggs per day, and they reach breeding age within two days of hatching. (Do that math and see how fast you’re into the thousands.) Their favorite breeding grounds? Houseplants. Bottom line: Once established, they are darn near impossible to get rid of.

What’s your secret defense? The color yellow — flying indoor pests can see colors and are drawn to yellow because they associate it with rotting fruit or plants, which is like ringing a dinner bell for them. So yellow glue traps like these Garsum Fruit Fly Sticky Traps now on sale for 58% off on Amazon are diabolically effective for eradicating these vile pests.

Read on for our full Garsum Fruit Fly Sticky Traps review and see the before-and-after evidence that they really work.



Why We Love Garsum Fruit Fly Sticky Traps

So many reasons. First and foremost, they work. Find your houseplants which are infested with little flying things — the best way is to lightly blow on the soil and see what comes flying up. From there, it could not be more simple: Remove the white label from each side of the trap and push them spike-first into the soil. You won’t have to wait long before you start to see black specks on the trap. One, a few, then dozens. They can’t resist them, and they can’t escape them. And when the eggs hatch and the larvae evolve into flies within a day or two, they’re immediately drawn to the yellow traps before they can set about the business of reproducing.

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Just peel off the white label tape covering the glue, place the trap spike-down in your houseplant… Mike Fazioli | SPY
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…and within a day or two, revel in the carnage. Mike Fazioli | SPY

Now, the glue itself: There is no scent to attract the little critters and also stink up your house, and no chemicals used to draw them in or kill them. Garsum’s traps are completely non-toxic, pesticide-free, and eco-friendly. That’s a big deal when you consider that you may be placing them in close proximity to food, and also if you have pets or small children. At under 7 bucks for a 12-pack, feel free to use them as liberally as you need to.

If you get the glue on yourself, simply wash it off with soap and warm water. And when they’re full, just toss them in the garbage and put a fresh trap or two in your plant to resume liberating your house. They

The range of indoor pests attracted to these sticky traps is wide and varied: fruit flies are the main target, but they’re also effective against midges, whiteflies, fungus gnats, and anything else that mistakes the sticky trap for a tasty treat. Garsum also makes versions of their traps with holes punched in them so they can be hung in pantries or anywhere else you see flying pests.


Unlike mosquitoes and other outdoor nuisances, fruit flies and other tiny indoor pests don’t go away with the warm weather. As long as they have indoor warmth, a steady food supply, and a place to lay their eggs, they will keep propagating throughout the winter and driving you nuts in the process. This 58% off sale on Garsum Fruit Fly Sticky Traps on Amazon could not be better timed. Jump on it now and turn the tide in your struggle against flying vermin.



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