Keep Work Weird: The 9 Geekiest Office Supplies for the Sci-Fi Enthusiast

star trek picard mousepad
Image courtesy of Think Geek

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* Nerdy office supplies to keep work weird
* Sci-fi themed trash cans, mouse pads and more
* From vintage to Back to the Future

If there’s ever a category that lends itself to sci-fi and otherwise geeky weirdness, it’s office supplies. From Tardis trash cans to R2D2 wall chargers, here are 10 of the best sci-fi office supplies for you and your nerdy co-workers. 

1. World’s Best Final Boss Mug

No office is complete without a pun-y mug, and this World’s Best Final Boss mug is a great one. It makes a great gift for a nerdy boss with a sense of humor about hierarchical systems in general. 

World's Best Final Boss Mug Image courtesy ThinkGeek ThinkGeek


2. Baby Groot Journal

This Guardians of the Galaxy-themed Baby Groot journal invites you to confide in the adorable Baby Groot, because while Groot may only ever write “I am Groot,” you can surely find more creative or at least cathartic, uses for its 240 high-quality unlined pages- even if you do just write “I am Groot” over and over again.

Guardians of the Galaxy Baby Groot Journal Image courtesy ThinkGeek ThinkGeek


3. Minecraft Wall Lamp

This Minecraft redstone wall lamp is officially-licensed Minecraft gear. Made by the GeekLabs at ThinkGeek, it looks like it came right out of the game. 

Minecraft Wall Torch Image courtesy ThinkGeek ThinkGeek


4. Picard Facepalm Mouse Pad

This Picard Facepalm mouse pad lets you remember that even Starfleet Captains experience the kind of frustration you’re probably going through right now trying to manage schedules or responding to client “input.” 

Picard Facepalm Mousepad Image courtesy ThinkGeek ThinkGeek


5. Back to the Future Desk Hoverboard

Back to the Future’s “future” may be two years in the past now, but with this awesome desk hoverboard you can keep the dream alive. After all, so much from Back to the Future has come true- we could at least have hoverboards by now!

Desk Hoverboard Image courtesy ThinkGeek ThinkGeek


6. R2D2 Wall Charger

This little R2D2-themed USB wall charger is one of the cutest we’ve seen. A ThinkGeek exclusive, it provides two USB ports and four standard U.S. plugs, charging up to six devices with good old electricity- no need for revisionist “midichlorians” to explain its powers.

R2D2 Wall Charger Image courtesy ThinkGeek ThinkGeek


7. Star Wars BB-8 Desk Lamp

This BB-8 architectural desk lamp is a must for fans of The Force Awakens . Rey’s droid may have had very humble beginnings in the film, but now in lamp form, BB-8 can at last banish the dark side– from your work desk.

BB-8 Lamp Image courtesy ThinkGeek ThinkGeek


8. Doctor Who Tardis Trash Can

What does your office trash can have in common with the Tardis? Not a trick question, as both are often thought to be bigger on the inside than the outside. With this Tardis-themed waste bin though, you can really show your love of Doctor Who at work. It’s the ideal resting place for all those time-traveling memos you’ll never read. 

Doctor Who Tardis Waste Bin Image courtesy ThinkGeek ThinkGeek


9. Luminous Bar Graph Clock

This handmade bar graph clock, constructed with Cold War-era gas discharge tubes, is a geek’s delight with its vintage tech aesthetic and beautiful design. Perfect for Fallout fans, anyone who shops at Shinola Detroit, or has every issue of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, this Luminous Bar Graph Clock invokes Cold War grit and space age charm.

Bar Graph Clock Image courtesy ThinkGeek ThinkGeek

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