From Phasers to Wands, Here Are 7 Geeky New Ways To Light Up Your Room or Desk

Star Trek Phaser rock mood lamp
Image courtesy of ThinkGeek
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* 7 of the most nerd-chic ways to light a room
* Create a unique atmosphere with these sci-fi themed lighting gizmos
* From Fallout to Star Trek and more

Lamps: in spite of what one of 2018’s strangest internet trends may think, they’re not just for moths. Here some wonderfully geeky ways to shine some new light into an old (or new) room. From phasers to Harry Potter-themed wands, these seven lights just might help put a smile on your face, even while in the temperate northern hemisphere it’s now getting dark at 5:30 pm.

1. Lightsaber String Lights

These lightsaber-themed string lights are just the thing to add some Star Wars cheer to your winter holiday decor. Also appropriate any time you have people over to watch the legendary Star Wars Christmas Special.

Star Wars lights Courtesy ThinkGeek

Lightsaber String Lights



2. Fallout Nuka Cola Lamp

This Fallout-themed lamp glows with the signature eerie Cherenkov blue of the game’s favorite soft drink brand.

Nuka Cola Fallout Lamp Courtesy ThinkGeek

Nuka Cola Lamp



3. Elder Wand Light

The Elder Wand desk lamp features the symbol of the Deathly Hollows and includes a dimmer switch for setting just the right magical mood.

Elder Wand Harry Potter Lamp Courtesy ThinkGeek

Elder Wand Lamp



4. Star Trek TOS Phaser Mood Light

This rock-shaped mood light comes with an IR remote control shaped like the phasers from Star Trek: The Original Series. Just point the “phaser” at the rock and it glows. You can “set the mood,” with either a soothing warm rock or a dazzling light show rock.

Star Trek mood light Courtesy ThinkGeek

Phaser Mood Lamp



5. Hatching Dino Candle

As this egg-shaped candle burns down, the wax melts to reveal a cute porcelain baby Dinosaur. Makes a great gift for paleontologists and Jurassic World fans.

Dino candle Courtesy ThinkGeek

Hatching Dino Candle



6. Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth Lamp

Like Wonder Woman’s famous lasso of truth, this lamp has the ability to reveal what was shrouded in darkness.

Wonder Woman Lamp Courtesy ThinkGeek

Wonder Woman Lasso Lamp



7. Star Wars Death Star Disco Ball

It was bound to happen. A New Years’ and Bat/ Bar Mitzvah must for Star Wars and kitsch aficionados, here is the official Death Star disco ball.

Death Star Disco Ball Coutesy ThinkGeek

Death Star Disco Ball



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