The Best Giant Stuffed Animals — Because Sometimes Big Just Isn’t Big Enough

giant stuffed animals

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Sometimes, especially when it comes to gifts, a regular-sized stuffed animal just doesn’t cut it. You still want something cute and cozy that’ll make more of a splash; something that’s impossible to ignore. You want a giant stuffed animal.

It may sound no different from a regular stuffed animal, but to a child, a giant stuffed animal can elicit shock and awe as you’ve never seen before. They may not have even known such a thing exists! Like the teddy bear they sleep with at night, but 10 times larger? What could be more exciting? You can find almost any type of stuffed animal in a larger-than-life option these days, from giant stuffed animal puppy dogs that basically function as floor pillows to sink into while watching TV to freestanding giraffes that can watch over you while you sleep.

If you’re looking for a gift to surprise and delight the young one in your life, you really can’t go wrong with a giant stuffed animal. Check out some of these snuggly options to grab for the holidays or any gifting occasion.


1. Jumbo Teddy Bear


The most classic giant stuffed animal you could get is this jumbo teddy bear. He sits up on his own and has that warm, happy face that just makes you want to hug him. It’s a great gift to keep in the kid’s playroom or bedroom or to just plop on the floor in front of the TV so they have something to sit with and lean against while they watch their shows.

jumbo teddy bear Courtesy of Target

2. Giant Plush Tiger


This guy for sure makes more of an aesthetic statement than a cuddly, cozy one. It’s a giant stuffed animal tiger and it’s a bit more firm, so it may not be as comfy to cuddle with, but kids will love how cool it looks sitting beside them. It’s also high quality and lifelike with a washable surface in case it falls victim to any spills.

giant plush tiger Courtesy of Amazon

3. Giant Giraffe


If you want something that’ll make the little ones awestruck, this is the giant stuffed animal for you. The smallest members of the family will love looking up at the cute giraffe face and hugging whatever they can reach. It’s crafted with care to have realistic details and beautiful markings. You’ll basically be bringing a safari home with this guy.

giant giraffe Courtesy of Target

4. Large Sloth Stuffed Animal


This large stuffed sloth gets almost exclusively five-star ratings from satisfied customers. It comes in three sizes, ranging from large to extra large to extra, extra large. It’s incredibly soft, fluffy and squishy, making it the best giant stuffed animal to hug and cuddle.

giant stuffed sloth Courtesy of Amazon

5. Giant Octopus


For those that are more into animals that travel by sea than by land, this octopus is the perfect giant stuffed animal. With plush filling and legs that you can wrap around yourself for the best cuddles, you’ll almost feel like this cozy creature can hug you back. It also comes in two sizes and three colors so you can customize it a bit for the recipient.

giant stuffed octopus Courtesy of Etsy

6. Extra Large Plush Unicorn


Giant stuffed animals don’t always have to be modeled after real-life animals. Get a little more fantastical with this extra-large plush unicorn. It’s colorful, cozy, soft and just a little bit magical. If you’re trying to break away from the traditional giant stuffed animals, go with this life-size bundle of fun.

extra large plush unicorn Courtesy of Amazon

7. Giant Stuffed Puppy Dog


This giant stuffed animal is basically a super cute, super-sized pillow. Kids can lay on it to sleep, read or watch TV. Anyone would be excited to receive such a big and adorable gift that they’ll also be able to make use of. It comes in two sizes, so you can even get a smaller version to match that they can hold while they lay on the big pup.

giant stuffed puppy Courtesy of Amazon

8. Comfy Panda Plush


Every kid needs a pillow pet. Every adult needs a pillow pet, for that matter. They offer the same comfort as a pillow, with the cuteness and companionship of a stuffed animal, and now they come in giant sizes. This panda in particular is extremely cute, squishy and large. It’s a great choice as far as giant stuffed animals go.

giant panda pillow pet Courtesy of Target

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