This $13 Reading Light is a Must-Have For Book Worms

gifts for book lovers reading light
Image courtesy of Amazon
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* This handy book light will help you read through the night
* The light can work freestanding or attached to your book
* It’s rechargeable, adjustable and available for under $13

You know how it is. Once you start a good book, it’s almost impossible to put it down. Every spare moment you can afford is spent knocking off another page until it’s complete. But one of the biggest problems you may face in your endeavor is ensuring you have enough light to read the words on the page, especially at night. The easiest fix is to have a DEWENWILS USB Book Reading Light by your side.

This versatile light can work as a stand alone lamp for general lighting or attached onto any book or magazine using the built-in clip for page specific illumination. What’s more, the device bends to almost any angle and the built-in LED lens in the head bends and swivels in multiple directions to make sure your pages are well lit and easy to read. This also means you can focus the light directly on your pages and therefore minimize disturbance to your bedmates or any nearby bystanders.

gifts for book lovers reading light dewenwils Image courtesy of Amazon

In addition, the light is rechargeable using the built-in USB plug. It requires no cable and can easily be plugged into a power bank, computer, wall adapter or any other USB-port power supply for easy charging. A single 1.5 hour charge will provide up to 8 hours of reading time with the light set at its highest level.

For maximum convenience, the lamp includes adjustable settings, which allow you to choose between 100% and 50% brightness. This is a great option for kids and adults alike as it helps prevent strain on your eyes.

gifts for book lovers reading light dewenwils Image courtesy of Amazon

The DEWENWILS reading light is also perfectly designed for readers who are always on the move as it’s both lightweight, at 1.3 ounces, and compact, making it ideal for slipping into pockets and backpacks. If you often travel on dimly lit planes, buses or other forms of transportation, low light shouldn’t be the reason you don’t have your head in a book.

Whether you’re a massive bookworm or you have one in the family, make sure you’re never caught without enough light to read. This handy little book reading light is a must have for book lovers and a great gift for your favorite book worm.


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