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A Glass Terrarium With Simple Elegance: The Mkono Hanging Vase

* Beautiful glass globe terrarium for enchanting plant display
* Choice of one or two hand-blown globes with hanging stand
* Great way to add greenery to empty spaces around the house

These beautiful glass globes are an elegant way to introduce some greenery into any room of your house. Whether you need a perk up in your office desk or you want to add a little life to your kitchen, you’ll enjoy the decorative plants in this full glass terrarium planter.

Fit a combination of plants, cobbles and other objects to decorate each planter. Once complete, the piece can be used as a centerpiece at a wedding or party. As an alternative use, the globe terrarium could even be converted to a candle holder.

In addition, you’ll have a choice of terrariums with either one or two globes when making your order. Both products are priced under 20 dollars, making them ideal for a gift to others or yourself.

Each globe has been hand-blown and is produced from boron silicon glass, which is a high-quality material that’s practical for plant storage. The glass is corrosive resistant and tough, preventing water loss while allowing light to pass through for healthy plant growth and beautiful display.

With a longer shelf life than cut flowers, these attractive terrariums are an effective way to bring your garden indoors. The versatility of the freestanding globes provides a sunny atmosphere leaving you free to enjoy the beauty of your plants.

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