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A Golden Mirror Fit for a King

* A wheel of tapered spokes adds a dramatic flourish to any space
* Semi-matte gold finish
* Crafted from iron, wood and glass

We all know the legend of King Louis XVI: a man so well-endowed with self-esteem that he coined himself the Sun King and unapologetically surrounded himself with mirrors from which he could admire his royal reflection. So fitting he would adopt as an emblem of his moniker the gold sunburst mirror, a decorative touch that’s survived the centuries to become a timeless classic.

Through the years, the look of the sunburst mirror has waxed and waned, from opulent to stark, but well, being the sun, its depiction has remained relatively the same. For those with more modern leanings, Safavieh’s Shanira mirror is just the dose of golden sparkle any room could welcome. With seemingly endless rays that taper to elegantly clean edges, embellishment has been kept to a minimum, with just a few nail heads circling the outer edge of the center mirror. Crafted from iron, wood and glass, it’s been finished with a soft gold color, not quite matte and not too shiny.

The mirror measures at about 34 inches, enough to hold its own in a tight space, but small enough to play nice when grouped with other wall hangings. Like a great piece of jewelry that pulls a whole outfit together, its lovely gold color and reflective center have the power to unify and amplify the beauty of any room. Probably not surprisingly when you’re the symbol of a king.

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