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Go For the Gold: A Stunning Centerpiece For Your Table and Home

* Lamina Collection from Beverly Hills-based, L’Objet
* Stainless steel flower case
* 24K gold handcrafted acanthus leaf accent

Few things brighten a room more than beautiful, fresh flowers. One of those few things though, is a stunning vase to put them in. The Lamina collection by L’Objet is dripping with gorgeous vases, each piece featuring a handcrafted acanthus leaf in 24K gold. This particular vase from the collection is truly unique in form and undoubtedly doubles as both a flower vase and a piece of fine art.

The Lamina collection makes an ethereal statement, combining smooth and earthy textures for a truly divine setting. Stainless steel stays sleek on one side, with swirling metalwork reminiscent of French filigree on the other. The asymmetrical design makes intricate curves that catch the eye and pair with virtually any botanical selection you fancy to put inside.

A pristine home is achieved with thoughtful and curated details that make us happy. We love that the hand-forged stainless steel complements the contemporary features of a room, while the 24K gold adds glamour. When we spotted this piece we were instantly reminded of royalty and grandeur, and this piece alone can transform a space. It’s no wonder, seeing as how L’Objet was a brand founded by a Beverly Hills interior designer.

Sure to rival your current centerpiece, the Lamina vase is a sophisticated addition to any luxury-inspired home décor collection. The vase is presented in a tasteful gift box for easy gift giving.