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Your Golf Glove Could Help You Better Your Golf Game

* Mounts to your golf glove
* Tracks and analyzes to improve every swing
* High-speed video scrubber lets you study pro swings frame-by-frame

If you’re looking for new ways to straighten your golf swing, then the Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer could be just what you’ve been looking…fore. Oh, that was awful. But the Zepp, which allows you to replay and review your every swing in 360-degrees from any angle, could give you that extra edge to dramatically improve your game.

The Zepp easily attaches to your golf glove and wirelessly tracks a number of variables and swing improvement points, like club head speed, swing plane, hand path, tempo, backswing position, hip rotation and more. You (or your instructor) get instant feedback that lets you measure the most critical aspects of each and every swing.

Once it tracks your performance, it delivers the results to an app on your smartphone or tablet, where you can analyze the results in HD video and compare your swing directly to PGA Tour pros in 3D. The high-speed video scrubber lets you break down their swings frame-by-frame to see what makes them so successful.

And, the training doesn’t stop there. You can watch detailed swing analysis videos, training tips, and access drills designed by some of the best instructors in golf. That way you can practice with purpose. And, if you’re the multi-sport type, good news: the Zepp also works with Zepp Baseball and Zepp Tennis for all you aspiring Roger Federers out there.

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