Here’s Why This Baby Monitor is the First of Its Kind

The GOOGO Baby Monitor is the
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* First camera of its kind compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems
* Highly portable with compact and stylish design
* Can be recharged via included USB cable

When preparing for a newborn, there is an endless list of stuff to buy. While some things can wait until the baby is a few months old, one of the must-buy products that should not be left for later is a baby monitor.

Obvious safety purposes aside, should you desire any alone time while the baby is napping, a proper monitor is of the utmost importance. The GOOGO Baby Monitor by Loomin is certainly not the most sophisticated or expensive monitor on the market, but it does have one quality the others don’t – it is the first cross-platform baby monitor that can be connected with iOS and Android smartphones, as well as PC tablets, via the monitor’s WiFi functionality.

The GOOGO works via an app you download to your smartphone or other desired device. Log-in with a password and instantly you will be seeing what the camera sees. Once connected, you will have the ability to pan and zoom the camera so you can clearly see the baby, receive alerts on your phone when the baby moves around or cries, and even talk to the baby similar to a walkie-talkie.

Other features include the ability to record and save audio and video (very helpful if you don’t want to miss your child’s first steps or need to show your doctors a pressing issue) and a click and shoot function for photographs.

The GOOGO Baby Monitor boasts a working time of four hours and a transmission distance of around 300 feet. This camera has all the functionality and features of a security camera double its price, and promises to keep you aware, informed and most importantly, sane.

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