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Codename Cram: The 9 Best Study Guides for College Students

* Use these study guides to prepare you for grad school entry tests
* Includes prep books for the LSAT, GMAT, GRE and MCAT
* Ideal for giving yourself an extra boost of confidence before taking the exam

It’s time to head back to college, and for juniors or seniors, that means thinking about the future. If you’re not quite ready for your career, you’ll be weighing your grad school options.

Before you can commit to your dream program, you’ll more than likely need to take an entrance exam. The LSAT, MCAT, GRE and GMAT may sound like alphabet soup, but these tests hold the key to your future. Make sure you ace them by preparing with one of these sproven tudy guides.


Required for admission to law school, you’ll want to score in the 98th percentile for a competitive application to any top-tier program.

1. LSAT Prep Book

A great introductory book for anyone taking the LSAT. Inside the 140-page book, you’ll find explanations of what you’ll face during the test written in an easily understandable manner. As you read through the book, you’ll find a range of test taking strategies practice tests. Overall, this study guide is an excellent way to head into that testing site feeling prepared and confident.


2. The LSAT Trainer

With clearly written and logically organized explanations, The LSAT Trainer will help you create a study plan based on your personal needs. Free from monotonous material and overfilled pages, Mike Kim’s engaging writing will keep you motivated as you work through the different sections and arrive at a stage where you are ready to take on the LSAT.

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If you want to pursue an MBA, you’ll need to take the GMAT, the entrance exam for business grad schools.

1. Kaplan GMAT Prep Plus

With a name that’s proven to be successful in test prep, Kaplan promises big results with its GMAT study guide. It includes step-by-step preparation strategies to help you get ready and confident over the coming months. The guide also features access to videos and online practice exams. Kaplan even guarantees their method by giving a refund if you don’t score well on the test.


2. GMAT Official Guide 2018 Bundle

If Kaplan’s GMAT study guide isn’t thorough enough for you, invest in the GMAT Official Guide 2018 Bundle. The three included guides provide more than 1500 actual GMAT questions and the ability to build your own practice sets online.



Even if you don’t want to study law, business or medicine, you’ll more than likely need to take an exam to apply to a Masters program. In most cases, that exam is the GRE.

1. 5 lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems

While you shouldn’t lug this book across campus, the 5 Ib. Book of GRE Practice Problems has plenty to keep you busy throughout the semester. There are 1800 practice problems covering every topic tested by the GRE. If you can answer all 1800 while studying for the test, you’re basically a god.


2. GRE Prep Plus 2018

Going beyond practice problems, Kaplan’s GRE Prep Plus 2018 has everything you need to ace your test. With practice tests, proven strategies, videos, online access and a mobile app, this comprehensive study guide allows you to study anywhere and anytime.



Largely considered the most competitive post-graduate entrance exam, the MCAT is a necessary evil when applying to medical school.

1. MCAT Prep 2017

A great introduction to the test, MCAT Prep 2017 was developed for test takers by test takers. The comprehensive study guide features time-management strategies, chapters on each of the MCAT test sections, reasoning skills prep, practice questions and easy-to-follow answer explanations.


2. MCAT Secrets Study Guide

To stand apart from its competitors, the MCAT Secrets Study Guide provides “essential summaries” in each chapter. These highlight the key information needed for the MCAT test. Filled with critical information, this guide will not only prepare you for the scientifically based questions, but also help you with test taking strategies and other often-overlooked components of the medical admissions test.


3. MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review 2018-2019

The Medical College Admissions Test shouldn’t be taken lightly. So if you want a leg up on the competition, consider this “blowout option.” With 7 books and online resources, it’s got fixins and pretty much everything you need to get ready.

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