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A Graceful Take On Modern Lighting: The Grasshopper Floor Lamp

* Iconic mid-century modern design
* Sculptural tripod base and sleek metal shade
* Available in a variety of colors 

The interior designer’s rule of thumb for lighting? Each room needs a ceiling, table, and task lamp. Up for the job of task lamp is Stilnovo’s classic in modern lighting: The grasshopper floor lamp.

Owing its beauty to Swedish designer Greta Magnusson-Grossman, one of the few female designers to gain prominence in Los Angeles’ mid-20th-century architectural scene, this lamp looks just as fresh today as it did then thanks to its slim lines and rakish, architectural profile.

Its delicate-looking shape belies clever, sturdy construction – made from steel, the tripod base proves impressively stable. A slender, metal shade tunnels the light of a single 60-watt bulb where you need it, illuminating the way for reading in bed or online shopping on the couch.

Its simple design also makes it versatile in use and decor. Available in a variety of colors, pair the brass version with a leather wingback chair for a new twist on classic, masculine style. Or place its fog-colored cousin next to a low-slung bed to create a minimalist cocoon for slumber. While its origins may be modern, Greta Magnusson-Grossman’s grasshopper floor lamp proves to be a design piece that’s decidedly timeless.

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