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Take Your Barbecue Into the Future With This Grill Cleaning Robot

* Self-directed and alerts you when cleaning is done
* Charges in any 110V wall outlet
* Brushes are dishwasher-safe 

It’s summer and that means that in much of the U.S., the season of barbecues and grilling is here. And while nearly everyone can appreciate a barbecue meal, a well-grilled burger or grilled veggies, one thing almost nobody likes is the process of cleaning your grill. The frustration of brushing away the blackened crusts on the grill is, at least for some of us, almost a reason not to have people over for a weekend cook out. But the march of progress has an answer to this gritty problem in the form of the Grillbot grill cleaning robot.

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This product not only fulfills a long-awaited promise of 1950s vintage Popular Science magazines, it makes it much more convenient to get your outdoor grill ready for a season of barbecues and pool parties.

Now you can focus on the important things, like which of your friends is on a paleo diet and should get the bison burgers, and which are vegans or vegetarians and would prefer the black bean chipotle burgers or barbecue portobello mushrooms.

Either way, a clean grill makes for some happy cooking, and the Grillbot grill cleaning robot effectively takes care of some of the most frustrating aspects of keeping your grill shiny and clean. Compact and convenient, the Grillbot charges in any wall outlet and its self-powered wire brushes are dishwasher safe, replaceable and good for about 100 cleanings — or a few years of steady use. Thanks to an adaptive, computerized brain, the Grillbot is able to clean your grill on its own and beeps to let you know it’s done. A simple user interface lets you chose your cleaning program: just press the button once, twice or three times to choose your cleaning preference. Close the lid on your barbecue and the Grillbot does the rest.

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