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This Hands-Free Bag Carrier Makes Grocery Shopping a Breeze

* Hands-free and ergonomic grips
* Helps keep your grocery bags together
* Fits easily in a purse or bag

This hands-free shopping bag carrier really comes in handy when you want to stroll through the grocery store, the mall or your favorite farmer’s market without ever having to put your phone away. And who wants to have to take their eyes (and hands) off their phone? Whether you have a phone addiction or not, this multi-shopping bag carrier is a way to simplify the little tasks that, in this age of “millennial burnout,” have been found to cause a surprising amount of stress.

It’s ingeniously easy to use, and even adds some security and peace of mind to your wanderings about the stores. It keeps your bags together and leaves your hands, and therefore your mind, free to soak up some of the good feelings IRL shopping is supposed to confer.

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The Grocery Gripps is great for parents, too, whether you’re juggling a lunch box with your bags and groceries or trying to push a stroller and keep track of everything on your list at the same time. And, if you have adult ADD, this sort of thing can save you lots of headaches by consolidating your various things to carry, it can help keep you from leaving things behind.

It features comfortable nylon handles and an ergonomically-designed shape to smoothly balance the weight of your shopping on your shoulder. Plus, if you find yourself stocking up on gallon jugs of water for the apocalypse, this thing can give you a leg up, er, shoulder up, on the competition.


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