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These Halloween Animatronics Have the Moves to Deliver Some Serious Scares

If you’re always vying to be the standout property on your street at Christmas or Halloween, decorating your home can feel like part of an arms race. The best Christmas decorations and the scariest Halloween decorations are constantly evolving to become more eye-catching and technologically advanced, letting homeowners create more engrossing displays for guests and passersby. An example of this progress can be seen in free-standing figures. At one time, static, detailed props were an acceptable standard. However, these days, shifting eyes, moving limbs and the ability to produce sounds make the best Halloween animatronics a must-have.

Don’t get us wrong; there’s still plenty of room for life-size figures which don’t have the latest bells and whistles, as you can see by the demand for The Home Depot’s 12-foot Halloween skeleton and wider range of The Home Depot Halloween Decorations. After all, playing on the phobias that make Halloween scary is the easiest way to succeed at Halloween. It’s also possible to use what’s current to inspire a successful Halloween theme, as the popularity of this Stranger Things Halloween display and these Stranger Things Halloween costume ideas prove. However, if you don’t include any shock value, such as motion, sound or vibration-activated frights, it may be harder to produce a display that will leave a long-lasting impression on your party guests and trick-or-treaters.

Animatronics come in a range of different shapes and sizes, meaning there’s one for every kind of Halloween display. And while the realistic and life-like animatronics found at industry-leading locations like Disneyland or used in the Jurassic Park film franchise may be a little out of reach (and budget), that doesn’t mean there aren’t options to suit the average home. Our favorite Halloween animatronics include:

  • Tabletop skulls
  • Full-size skeletons
  • Hanging bats
  • Crawling zombies
  • Full-size laughing clowns
  • Bike-riding dolls
  • Film-inspired characters (think Freddie Kruger and Michael Myers)
  • Smoke-breathing dragons

How to Stand Halloween Animatronics Up Properly

If you are going to have Halloween animatronics in your home, it’s important to know how to stand them up correctly and prevent them from falling over. This means using the correct fixings and approach to install them so they can endure everything they will be exposed to over Halloween. While parts included in each kit often suffice for pleasant weather, strong winds and heavy snow may pose more of a problem. If your installations are likely to be exposed to more testing weather, you may want to add some of these extra stakes or ground weights to your setup.

Vodaland Rebar Stakes


These ​​Vodaland Rebar Stakes are ideal if you’re fixing your Halloween animatronics into the ground in yards or gardens. Unlike the weaker stakes often included in the box, these reinforced, rust-proof anchors will remain in place even in heavy winds.

Halloween animatronics vodaland rebar stakes


ABCCANOPY Canopy Weights


If ground stakes aren’t possible, these ABCCANOPY Canopy Weights provide additional downforce on frames and help prevent them from shifting or falling over in heavier winds or if people accidentally brush against them. Each bag also includes a built-in loop that can securely tether more lightweight items, such as inflatables, from above.

Halloween animatronics abccanopy weights


We’ve assembled a selection of the best Halloween animatronics available online to help you create the scariest, most impressive display and keep your place as the house to beat on the street. We’ve also included options for every budget as well as animatronics in a range of different sizes.


1. Haunted Living Animatronic Evil Witch


Even without its red eyes and sensor-activated speech and movement, this Haunted Living Animatronic Evil Witch is still capable of putting fear into your Halloween guests. The imposing, standalone figure measures seven feet tall and boasts a range of details to give it a life-life look, including a crystal ball, a pointed hat, a staff and a full-length cloak. When activated by the built-in sensor, the figure’s red eyes light up and the mouth moves up and down, delivering several eerie phrases. As the reviews suggest, this is a Halloween addition you won’t be disappointed in.

Halloween animatronics haunted living animatronics witch


2. Joyin Halloween Skull Centerpiece Decoration


If you’re looking for a compact yet fun and budget-friendly way to introduce an animatronic decoration into your display, give this Joyin Halloween Skull Centerpiece Decoration a try. It’s ideal for dinner tables, desks, countertops or shelving. When the built-in sound sensor is activated, the spooky skull’s eyes light up and move from side to side. It also produces several sound effects to complete each scare. Furthermore, the skull is made from high-quality PVC to give a more realistic, bone-like appearance.

joyin halloween skull table centerpiece halloween animatronic


3. Animals Hanging Slashing Bat Animated Prop


The Animals Hanging Slashing Bat Animated Prop is a great option for anyone wanting an animatronic which can hang from the ceiling. The creepy-looking decor piece is made from polyester and plastic and measures an imposing 36 inches from top to bottom when hanging. If the sound sensor is activated or someone accidentally brushes up against it, the bat’s wings move up and down, producing a laughing sound. In addition, the prop can be used inside or outside and runs on three AA batteries which are not included.

best halloween animatronics animals hanging slashing bat prop


4. Home Accents Holiday Animated Skeleton Wolf


The Home Accents Holiday Animated Skeleton Wolf is another popular option that can deliver movement and sound to scare your guests. The 2.5-feet, dog-like creature features glowing red LED eyes and can be arranged in either a sitting up or laying down position, depending on your preference. The plastic prop also runs on three AA batteries and includes a built-in sound sensor that sets off the tilting head and accompanying howling sounds. It’s an ideal option for tabletops, display shelves and entryways.

best halloween animatronics home accents holiday skeleton wolf


5. The Holiday Aisle Animatronic Doll Figurine


The Holiday Aisle Doll Figurine is another battery-operated, crawling animatronic which is sure to have guests wary of what’s behind them. The red-eyed model moves, lights up and says a number of phrases, including “No. No. Help me.” Visually, her bright white skin, black lips, dark eye circles and blood-red hair create a creepy and scary look which is only made worse when she starts moving, having been activated by touch or a loud noise.

Halloween animatronics the holiday aisle doll figurine


6. Sago Brothers Skull Cage Prisoner


With lines like “Let me out” and “Didn’t your mom ever tell you it’s rude to stare,” this motion-activated Sago Brothers Skull Cage Prisoner delivers a welcome balance of fun and fright for your Halloween display. The trapped prisoner sits in a cage measuring 10.8 by 9.1 by 3.9 inches. It can be mounted on any tabletop or shelf or hung from above using the built-in 27.5-inch lanyard. To further increase the prisoner’s scary look, it features glowing, red eyes and visibly tries to pull the prison bars apart when the sensor is activated.

best halloween animatronics sago brothers screaming animated


7. Best Choice Products Haunted Holly Animatronic Doll


If the idea of a creepy little doll roaming freely throughout your halls gives you nightmares, this Best Choice Products Haunted Holly Animatronic Doll may not be the right choice. However, if you love how that sounds, jump right in. This 2-foot-tall doll features adjustable arms, glowing red eyes and a built-in sensor triggered by sound, vibration or motion. Once activated, Holly lets out a shrieking sound of “mommy, mommy,” while gently gliding over the floors on her out-of-sight motorized wheelbase.

best halloween animatronics best choice products haunted holly


8. Haunted Hill Farm Life-Size Animated Talking Clown


This Haunted Hill Farm Life-Size Animated Talking Clown is taken straight from a coulrophobiac’s nightmare. From his vampire teeth-filled mouth to his purple satin pants, this creepy clown delivers plenty to be fearful of, before he’s even started talking or moving. The animatronic runs on three AA batteries. These power the light-up red eyes, and motion-activated head and arm movements. It also features a voice box that delivers four different phrases, including “That’s it, come closer. I’ve got something for you, and it’s not a balloon!” and “Good, run away. I’ll catch up with you later in your nightmares!” It’s also possible to pose the arms in different positions and use the figure inside or outside.

best halloween animatronics haunted hill farm


9. Spirit Halloween Sitting Scarecrow Animatronic


If you’re searching for a fun way to present candy on your porch to trick-or-treaters, this Spirit Halloween Sitting Scarecrow Animatronic fits the bill. At 4.5 feet tall, this figure is just the right size for sitting on a step or in any chair to frighten visitors as they reach for the candy inside the bowl. Once activated by either motion or sound, the scarecrow jerks its head backward from a down position while simultaneously letting out an intimidating scream. Inside the box, you’ll find the animatronic, a candy bowl, an adapter and an instruction manual to help you set up your prop in the most effective way possible.

halloween animatronics spirit halloween sitting scarecrow


10. Disney Animated Oogie Boogie Halloween Animatronic


The Disney Animated Oogie Boogie Animatronic lets you bring some The Nightmare Before Christmas-inspired fun to your Halloween display. At 6 feet tall, this life-sized figure is imposing enough to deliver plenty of scares to unsuspecting passersby with its swaying motion and rendition of the Oogie Boogie song. The model also includes purple eyes and can be used inside or outside (if in a covered area). It’s also supplied with a plug-in DC adapter and features an on/off switch for choosing between different sound and motion setups.

halloween animatronics disney animated life sized oogie boogie


11. Haunted Living Lighted Animatronic Bride


A haunted bride is a Halloween staple that is hard to ignore. In this Haunted Living Lighted Animatronic Bride decoration, you’ll find a five-foot model ready to put the fear into anyone passing by. Dressed in white, the sound and motion-activated model screams, flashes and detaches her head at the jaw whenever the sensor is activated. The battery-powered bride is also supplied with a comprehensive metal base for easy installation and to ensure she remains upright and stable throughout the Halloween season.

Halloween animatronics haunted living bride


12. Haunted Hill Farm Animatronic Jack-o-Lantern


At two feet tall, this Haunted Hill Farm Animatronic Jack-o-Lantern is an ideal option for welcoming guests to your home. Its comparatively compact size allows it to comfortably sit on floors, countertops and shelves as it waits for passersby. When activated, the battery-powered device’s Jack-o-lantern head instantly pops up, screams and flashes red simultaneously. And if you don’t have any surface space to spare, the model can also be hung from above.

Halloween animatronics haunted hill farm jack o lantern


13. Gemmy Lighted Animatronic Tombstone Inflatable


If you’re looking to fill a large amount of space without it costing an arm and a leg, you may want to consider this Gemmy Lighted Animatronic Tombstone Inflatable. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, this 7.5-feet tall, self-inflating model of a vulture sitting on a tombstone ticks all the right boxes, including flapping wings and a light-up interior. To complete its creepy feel, the front of the tombstone also reads “Looking For Treats!”

Halloween animatronics gemmy lighted tombstone inflatable


14. Home Accents Holiday Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton


Given its imposing 12-feet height, it’s little wonder that this Home Accents Holiday Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton is one of the most popular Halloween decorations online. The figure is made from high-density polyethylene and is suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. In terms of moving parts, the skeleton features LCD technology which allows the eyes to appear like they’re moving as guests pass by. The plug-in, centerstage-worthy decoration is also supplied with several ground stakes to ensure it remains securely in place.

halloween animatronics home accents holiday giant sized inferno pumpkin skeleton


15. Home Accents Holiday Animated Immortal Werewolf


The Home Accents Holiday Animated Immortal Werewolf is another noteworthy option inspired by a classic Halloween creature. With life-like head, eye and jaw movements and a bone-chilling howling sound, this 9.5-feet creature will surely deliver plenty of scream-inducing moments for guests. To complete the quintessential werewolf look, the figure is adorned in the classic garb of ripped-up jean shorts and a plaid shirt. Furthermore, it’s supplied with ground stakes for secure placement and is rated for use indoors or outdoors.

halloween animatronics home accents holiday werewolf


16. Seasonal Visions Morris Costumes Animated Dragon Prop


At shy of $500, this Seasonal Visions Morris Costumes Animated Dragon Prop isn’t the most budget-friendly decoration on our list. However, it could be the most impactful. Sitting twelve feet tall, this imposing animated figure may be the missing ingredient when making your Halloween home display stand out from the rest of the street. And in addition to its size, the high-quality prop features lit-up eyes, flapping wings, a turning head and the ability to connect a fog machine for an even more realistic, smoke-breathing visual. In short, this is it if you’re looking for a display centerpiece to catch eyes and deliver a memorable experience for guests and passersby.

halloween animatronics seasonal visions morris costumes forest dragon


17. Haunted Living Lighted Animatronic Grave Digger


This indoor-only Haunted Living Lighted Animatronic Grave Digger is another popular option that lights up, makes noise and moves to give your guests an instant scare. When activated, the battery-powered digger lifts his head while his eyes glow red and he speaks one of many pre-programmed phrases. For easier installation, the four-foot tall model includes a square base which helps keep the model in place and stable.

Halloween animatronics haunted living grave digger


18. The Holiday Aisle Animatronic Doll Crawling Figurine


There can’t be many experiences creepier than finding this The Holiday Aisle Animatronic Doll Crawling Figurine crawling across your floors. The touch or sound-activated doll can be used indoors or outdoors and includes flashing blue eyes and the ability to voice several phrases, such as “Don’t you want to play?” In addition, the battery-operated model features a cracked face, long skeleton hands, ripped pants and shaggy black hair to complete the doll’s less-than-inviting appeal.

Halloween animatronics the holiday aisle doll crawling


19. Warner Brothers Animatronic A Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger


Installing one of the most recognizable Halloween movie villains in your home is a pretty surefire way to ensure visitors feel a certain level of unease during their visits. This Warner Brothers Animatronic Freddy Krueger is adorned with a range of film-specific elements, such as a hat, a striped sweater and a bladed glove. Furthermore, the six-foot tall A Nightmare on Elm Street character will tower over many of your guests as his hand moves up and down and he talks over the familiar “Jump Rope” soundtrack after he has been activated.

Halloween animatronics warner brothers nightmare on elm street freddy kruger


20. Haunted Hill Farm Animatronic Zombie Halloween Prop


If your main priority is scaring guests and giving them nightmare-inducing frights, this Haunted Hill Farm Animatronic Zombie Halloween Prop should definitely feature in your home. The 17.5-inch tall, battery-operated model oozes creepiness, thanks to its spider-like body, sideways movements, light-up red eyes and bone-chilling moaning and groaning. It’s a great addition for homes, offices or businesses looking to give trick-or-treaters, co-workers or customers a fright to remember.

Halloween animatronics haunted hill zombie


21. The Holiday Aisle Life-Size Animatronic Zombie Figurine


If you’re a fan of traditional Halloween monsters, The Holiday Aisle Life-Size Animatronic Zombie Figurine should be calling to you. On first appearance, the model’s appearance may have you thinking this is just a normal person in normal clothing. However, closer inspection will reveal a zombie thirsty for blood and human flesh. When activated, the undead ghoul’s eyes light up in various colors as he lets out accompanying moans. It’s also possible to arrange the figurine’s arms in zombie-style poses to make it look like he’s in hot pursuit.

Halloween animatronics the holiday aisle life size zombie figurine


22. Home Accents Holiday Giant Skeleton With LCD Eyes


The Home Depot’s Giant Skeleton With LCD Eyes is undoubtedly the most in-demand Halloween animatronic on the market. This popularity means it’s surprisingly tricky to get your hands on this often sold out product. The 12-feet tall behemoth features animated LCD eyes and is great for use outdoors or indoors (if you have high enough ceilings. It can run on four C-type batteries or be plugged into an outlet. It’s also supplied with ground stakes for greater stability when mounted outdoors.

Halloween animatronics home accents holiday giant skeleton


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