Cheap Decorations You Need To Get Festive This Halloween

cheap halloween decorations

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It might be hard to think about Halloween when it’s still 90 degrees outside, but it’s one of those holidays that always sneaks up on you. Instead of finding yourself unprepared on October 30, get ahead of the game by grabbing cheap Halloween decorations now.

Whether you’re hosting a party in your home or trying to be the spookiest house on the block to scare all your trick-or-treaters, you’re going to want some sweet decorations. The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to find plenty of fun and frightening items. These affordable Halloween decorations are perfect to help you get festive, and many of them can be saved to use for many Halloweens to come.

Don’t let your neighbors or friends outdo you this year. Get into the spooky spirit and haunt whoever crosses your path with some of the best cheap Halloween decorations out there.


1. Gothic Mansion Portraits Scene Setters

Swap out your normal family pics for some fun, spooky portraits. No extra effort required — just stick these up and quickly transform any room.

best cheap Halloween decorations - Gothic Mansion Portraits Scene Setters Courtesy of Amazon

2. Kangaroo’s Stretchy Spider Web

This is one of the most affordable, most fun cheap Halloween decorations you can buy. For under $10, you get 200 square feet of spooky spider web to stretch across your bushes or anywhere else you want your home to look haunted. And if we’re being honest, come on, this is a Halloween classic. What’s a haunted house without spider webs? Not a haunted house.

best cheap Halloween decorations - halloween spider web Courtesy of Amazon

3. Scary Giant Spider

If you’re going with the spider web, you might as well build on things with this scary giant spider. It’s over six feet wide and has tons of creepy details like hairy legs and red eyes. It’s also something sturdy that you can keep to use for many Halloweens to come.

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best cheap Halloween decorations - scary giant spider Courtesy of Amazon

4. Giant Halloween Creepy Cloth

This 36-inch black cloth comes with a decorative door hanger and can also double as camouflage for any mess you haven’t had time to clean up.

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best cheap Halloween decorations - Giant Halloween Creepy Cloth Amazon


5. 1byone Halloween Fog Machine

While some frightening 2D decorations are a great start, everyone knows the best haunted houses employ multiple senses. This fog machine will output fog for 6.5-10 feet. It’s not terribly heavy and is easy to use thanks to the remote control. So if you feel like really adding a spooky atmosphere to your decorations, this is a must-have.

1byone Halloween Fog Machine Amazon


6. Bloody Garland Banner

If you really want to spook your trick-or-treaters or your Halloween party attendees, you must get this set of four bloody garland banners. These giant knives dripping with blood are prop style, made from shiny plastic, so they’re perfectly safe but still manage to look fairly real.

bloody garland banner Courtesy of Amazon

7. Lawn Skeleton Decoration

Skeletons are a classic, spooky Halloween theme, so this lawn decoration is really essential. It comes in multiple pieces to appear as if it’s emerging from an underground grave, which also makes it super convenient to store and break out every Halloween.

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lawn skeleton Courtesy of Party City

8. Glow In The Dark Ghost Halloween Gel Window Clings

These are a spooky but also cute option for cheap Halloween decorations. You just stick them in any windows of your home, facing outwards, and they glow in the dark so that these eye-catching little green ghosts can haunt your neighbors throughout the spooky season.

glow in the dark ghost window gels Courtesy of Target

9. Crashing Witch Betty Bash

When it comes to cheap Halloween decorations, you just have to have a witch involved somehow. This is a very fun way to do that, so it appears as if this witch has crashed into a tree on your property. It also includes straps so that if you don’t have an available tree, you can hang it from anything.

crashing witch Courtesy of Target

10. Haunted House on a Budget

Now that you have all the necessary supplies, you need some instruction. This book by Lee Allan Nelson takes the author’s 17 years of collected experience with the haunted house field and applies them to over thirty diagrams and drawings that show you how to inject your house with a dose of spook. While not necessarily a cheap Halloween decoration. We’d argue it is a must-have add-on.

best cheap Halloween decorations - Haunted House on a Budget Amazon


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