Your Secret Weapon for Capturing Dirt and Killing Bacteria

Moneual handheld vacuum
Image courtesy Amazon

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* Cleaning power in the palm of your hand
* Powerful 600-watt motor
* Award-winning

Maintain a clean and healthy home with the Moneual Rydis u60 Pro Handheld Vacuum. Not only does it remove visible debris, dust, allergens, mold and ticks to keep your home spotless, but this handheld vacuum also uses ultraviolet light technology to get rid of the icky stuff you can’t see, like bacteria and E. Coli. The result is a home for you and your family to feel safe and truly comfortable.

A powerful 600-watt motor propels the u60 across any type of surface in your home. It also creates a powerful suction and airflow that pulls particles from deep within carpet and fabrics. The high-efficiency filter captures even the smallest particles to prevent them from being inhaled. The on-board lavender air freshener cartridge puts out a pleasant fragrance.

Independent lab testing certifies that the u60’s UV-C lamp disinfects and removes 99% of the bacteria and allergens in an area within one second, so it’s great for cleaning and sterilizing carpet, blankets, sofas, cushions and bedding. In fact, you can even use it to clean clothes. Perhaps that’s why it won the Red Dot Design and Good Design Awards.

Other perks include a large dustbin that hold more dirt than you’d expect, so you don’t have to empty it as often. And, the Smart Touch Sensor built into the handle is designed to operate only when the user is holding the handle.

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