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Bring in Summer With These Rustic Wind Chimes

* Beautiful blue wind chimes
* Handmade in Portland, Oregon
* Choose between four and eight discs

As crazy as it may seem, summer is just around the corner. Soon, you’ll be sitting outside, sipping a glass of wine and watching the sun go down, feeling a gentle breeze through your hair. Perhaps no sound better encapsulates that moment of calm and serenity than the gentle music of wind chimes.

These delicate blue porcelain wind chimes are handmade, and come straight from Portland, OR. The discs are simple and rustic, made from tinted blue, unglazed clay, connected by a brown leather string. You can choose between four and eight discs, and as each disc is handmade, they are all slightly unique from one another, creating a vibrant and melodious collection.

The four discs hang about 8″ long, while the eight discs double up at 16″. Hang these handsome chimes next to your window sill, by your patio door or in your garden. Get one for your apartment and the family beach house. Whether you’re entertaining guests at your July 4th party, or spending a quiet afternoon in solitude, these chimes are sure to be the sound of your summer.

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