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Go from Handyman to Superhero with this Thor Hammer Toolkit

* 44-piece tool kit
* Shaped like Thor’s from the Avengers’ legendary hammer
* Does not, technically, require you to be “pure of heart”

Want to feel like a superhero around the house? Save the day with some DIY home repairs, then when you’re finished, gaze blankly into the distance and mutter “my work here is done.” When your S.O. and/or roommates look baffled and vaguely concerned, distract them and then disappear without saying goodbye. Alternately, if you want to feel like a superhero around the house and not be weird and concerning, you can pick up this sweet Thor’s Hammer toolbox from ThinkGeek. Will it, like the legendary Mjlonr, allow itself to be hefted only by those it deems worthy of such a majestic burden? Probably not, but you can always feel a little bit special and “worthy” of the epic tasks awaiting you under the sink, under the hood, or in the depths of the fuse box, when you’re carting your tools around in Thor’s Hammer.

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Image courtesy of ThinkGeek Image Courtesy of ThinkGeek

In the original Marvel mythos, an ordinary American doctor is out on a hike when he comes across Thor’s mystical hammer. Picking it up, he becomes possessed by the Norse god of thunder, and in the process gains perfectly conditioned long hair and a muscular physique. This Thor’s Hammer tool kit may not do much for your hair, or your physique (it weighs a mere 5.5 lbs) but it does help you get the job done when it comes to household repairs. It’s also great to have around in emergencies, since, having such a distinctive shape, it’s harder to lose track of than your everyday snap on tool kit. It includes an actual, useful hammer, along with pliers, a tape measure, metric and imperial sockets, ratchet screwdriver, utility knife and even a set of brake caliper tools. Thus, it’s great for making adjustments and repairs to your Asgardian chariot, i.e.. your old Volvo turbo wagon.

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