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These 14 Hanging Planters Offer Instant Upgrades to Your Interior (or Exterior) Design

Maybe you discovered a green thumb during the pandemic and now you’re running out of room for your indoor plant babies. Or you didn’t, but you discovered the no-stakes joys of artificial plants.

Hanging planters are a great way to display your greenery and add dimension to a room without taking up floor space or finding space for a wall planter. They also happen to be less prone to insect infestations and double as a piece of décor in your home. The best hanging planters should complement the style of your home or patio while providing space for roots to grow.

They can preserve more water than traditional potted plants and are a unique addition that lets you have plants anywhere, no matter what your living setup is. Whether you’re looking to show off a spider plant or trailing succulents, here’s our curated collection of the most popular hanging planters of 2022.


1. EcoPots Hanging Pot


These understated Ecopots have a heavy ceramic look but are actually made from 80% recycled plastic, making them a lightweight and sustainable addition to your home. They’re also UV-proof, waterproof and frost-resistant, making them suitable for indoor or outdoor usage. Available in larger sizes and different colors.

Ecopots Hanging Pot


2. Peach n Pebble Ceramic Hanging Planter


Made from glazed ceramic, these hanging planters have a minimalist bowl shape and are available in organic, botanical-chic shades like forest green, soft pink and gray. The sizing is grow-pot friendly, while the included metal wires are extra sturdy. Perfect for achieving that crisp, clean look while adding warmth to a space.

Peach n’ Pebble Ceramic Hanging Planter


3. Yerbamala Slim Color Block Plant Hanger


Even though it’s not the 1970s anymore, macrame plant hangers are still all the rage. They soften up a room, and the twisted vertical details of the woven material create a bohemian look that’s somehow always timeless. This one from the Sill is spruced up with mid-century color blocks.
Yerbamala Slim Color Block Plant Hanger


4. Hanging Wood Planter & Succulent String of Bananas


If you want a dangling planter as well as something to put in it, opt for this string of bananas succulent in a stylish wooden planter. Perfect for beginners, this no-effort plant comes potted in pots within the planter.

Hanging Wood Planter & Succulent String of Bananas


5. ABETREE 2-Piece Hanging Planters


This set of minimalist planters will work in practically any space, indoor or outdoor. Hanging from a metal chain, the black pots are suspended in a round metal frame, perfectly complementing vines and trailing plants. They’re simple yet add an elegant design element to whatever area they’re placed in.

ABETREE 2-Piece Hanging Planters


6. Bolo Planter


The unique shape of this planter can make any interior look more expensive with its airy, elegant style. Made from ceramic stoneware with an antique brass finish, this rounded plant accessory has an elongated look that’s perfect for creating the illusion of a larger space.

Bolo Planter


7. Arlo Large Hanging Planter


While many of these planters are great for small or medium plants, if you have a larger beauty that needs displaying, consider the Arlo from CB2, which comes in a matte white finish and is suspended from black leather straps, making the height easily adjustable. Pair with the small Arlo for a complete look.

Arlo Large Hanging Planter


8. Umbra Triflora Hanging Planter


Perfect for showing off a group of plants, this hanging planter from Umbra displays a trio on a metal rod. The length of the hanging ropes is completely adjustable, allowing you to hang plants from various heights. Ideal for a 24-inch kitchen window, but it can also be ceiling- or wall-mounted.

Umbra Triflora Hanging Planter


9. Highland Dunes Morrill Stoneware Hanging Planter


Whether your style is mid-century or Scandinavian, this stoneware hanging planter will easily fit in as an accent piece. Featuring a teardrop shape, it has an earthy, textured rim and a glazed white bottom that makes for an unexpected aesthetic. A great way to elevate your home with functional decor at a low price.

Highland Dunes Morrill Stoneware Hanging Planter


10. Orren Ellis Ceramic Hanging Planter


Succulents are a relatively low-maintenance plant with a striking look that demands an equally cool vessel. This ceramic piece by Orren Ellis has an open-concept look that hangs from a thin wire and is a less fragile alternative to glass succulent planters. String of pearls, echeveria and cacti will all work well.

Orren Ellis Ceramic Hanging Planter


11. Salvador Brown Large Hanging Planter


Terracotta planters can add an organic look and bring texture in a way that ceramic or resin planters can’t. They can also help prevent soil disease. With a rich brown finish, this planter is perfect for your botanicals to spill out of and is held together by a heavy jute rope woven sturdily through three terracotta loops.

Salvador Brown Large Hanging Planter


12. MyGift Dangling Southwest Desert Color Ceramic 4-Pot Set


This dangling series of four plant pots are ideal for succulents or herbs and create a casual, stylish look. Buyers appreciate that when these tiny pots arrive, they look exactly as depicted in the photos. Just be aware that your soil may shift due to the tilt.

MyGift Dangling Southwest Desert Color Ceramic 4 Pot Set


13. Southern Patio Monroe Resin Hanging Planter


if you’d prefer that your planter doesn’t dominate décor in your garden or living room, consider this lightweight white resin basket, which can stand up to all the elements but is also suitable for indoor usage. This planter is perfect for purchasing in bulk and placing in and around your home.

Southern Patio Monroe Resin Hanging Planter


14. Leather Plant Hanger


One of the best hanging planters is actually just a leather strap that can turn any regular container into a hanging planter. Acting as a hammock to hold up any plant in a pot up to 8 inches, this strap can help transform basic planters into a versatile and minimalist work of art.

Leather Plant Hanger


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