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Self-Publish Your Snapchat With One of These Hardcover Photo Books

* Turn your digital images into hardcover photo books
* Great for weddings and kids’ sports leagues
* Scrap booking for the digital age

Do you take some stupendous Snaps? Wanna get more out of your Instagram account than comments and likes? Turn your cell phone photography hobby into published work with a customized hardcover photo book.

With one of these photo books, you don’t have to wait until late December for Facebook to give you your “year in review.” You can look over your photo inventory whenever you want, and curate photos to tell the story you choose. If you’re into crafts, these photo books could be your next obsession. It’s scrapbooking for the digital age.

A custom-made photo book is great for more than just creating a print copy of your social media space. You can take any of your digital photos and put them into a hardcover book.

A photo book filled with cute pics of your new baby or new house makes for a better update for family members than an email. These books are also heaven-sent for do-it-yourself brides looking to trim costs from their photographer budget. And they’re great if you have kids who play junior league sports. Wouldn’t it a be a great “thank you” to give the coach a hardcover book of photographs throughout the season?

Celebrating an anniversary or commemorating years of friendship? Create a customized book and gift it on special occasions. It’s a thoughtful, personal way to share favorite memories and keep them close at hand.

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