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Back to The Stone Age: Scoutmob Concrete Bookends

* Modern concrete bookends for an industrial feel in any space
* Effective design allows removal of one book without a problem
* Non-slip felt covers are included to save shelves from scratches

For those who love an industrial look, these traditionally styled concrete bookends are a desirable addition to any bookcase or room. Reminiscent of cinder block bookcases from college, they’re a bit more subtle.  Whether you want to display your endless fiction collection, your cookbooks or even your alphabetized array of comic books, these Scoutmob Home Modern Concrete Bookends will do the trick.

Beautifully crafted, the simple design and texture make them great for any space, from your bedroom to your classroom. The bookends weigh around 10 pounds each and stand 7-inches high, providing plenty of coverage and heavy resistance for all kinds of reading material, including heavy manuals and unusually tall catalogs.

Each bookend is covered with a natural-looking sealer  to keep dust from the concrete’s pores. The bookends are also furnished with felt padded bottoms to prevent scratches. The soft bottom combined with the weighty build ensures your bookends remain in place while you reorder or remove books from your collection. 

The industrial look of the Scoutmob Home Modern Concrete Bookends will give any modern room a subtle throwback to days gone by and effectively arrange your stacks of books at the same time.

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