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Yard Hacks: 3 Ways to Hide Unsightly Objects in Your Backyard

* Lightweight and durable to withstand all the elements
* Multiple sizes, colors and shapes available
* Natural looking exteriors

When it comes to enhancing your landscape, the options are endless. And with so many options to choose from, some more obvious ones might fall through the cracks such as these landscape rocks. Landscape or “architectural rocks” as they are sometimes known, are artificial yet natural-looking rocks that can be used to cover up any unattractive elements that might be “spoiling” your outdoors.

They are the perfect hiding spots and you can use them to cover up wells, pipes, pumps, sprinkler valves and many other lawn utilities, while helping to enhance your yard’s aesthetic. The rocks are offered in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors too, allowing you to choose your preferred style to match your lawn and landscape needs. They can also be used as moveable decorative elements as well.

Easy to install and lightweight, these rocks are usually stabilized with two stakes that are included to anchor them securely to the ground. We did find one option, that with its specific shape, will stay in place with no need to worry about installing stakes if that is your preference.

Continue reading for some fast and easy home improvement options that will help transform your outdoors.

1. Emsco Group Landscape Rock

The Landscape Rock by Emsco Group is an artificial rock with natural coloring and a natural appearance that blends with gardens, lawns and landscapes. Its natural looking exterior also has a realistic texture that will add a feel of authenticity to your backyard, is easy to install and lightweight. These rocks can withstand extreme weather conditions and with their hollow interior can be placed over wells, pipes, pumps, sprinkler valves and other fixtures.

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2. Dekorra Riverbed Model Rock

Dekorra’s Model Rock is meant to cover up most outdoor fixtures or unsightly utilities such as electrical posts, boxes, septic cleanout pipes or curb stop water valves. This high-quality rock is made with a textured, gritty and tough rock-like surface, making it realistic looking and allowing it to blend in easily with other natural textures. Commercial-grade construction stands up to extreme elements and these rocks won’t fade or crack in hot and cold temperatures.

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3. Outdoor Essentials Faux Rock

The Outdoor Essentials Faux Rocks are formed to look like natural quarry rocks with unique geometries and will give you many landscaping options. Use them to hide unattractive objects that are spoiling your landscape such as septic cleanouts, wellheads or vent pipes. These moveable and decorative rocks allow you to also change the look of your landscape in minutes. Made of Fiberlite, the rocks are made of durable, all-weather fiberglass composite and coated with strong acrylics to keep them lasting for a long time.

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