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This Repair Tape Can Fix Almost Anything, You Just Need a Hairdryer to Set It

* Futuristic thermoplastic tape
* Sets at 140 degrees, meaning a hair dryer will do the trick
* 1000 lbs tensile strength

Calling this repair tape “tape,” may not exactly do it justice. This futuristic yet affordable DIY repair hack is a moldable thermoplastic that, when set, has a 1000 lb tensile strength. The promo image shows it holding together the handle of a sledge hammer, and that’s just for starters. Not only is it sticky, it can be molded into a shape of your choosing, like putty or filler, and unlike those materials, it sets quickly and without the need for additional chemicals. Forj Moldable Plastic Tape is made up of a thermoplastic fiber and a high strength polymer matrix.

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Courtesy The Grommet

A high strength quick fix, Forj tape is a no brainer to have on hand for DIY projects. With its unique low temperature setting property, it can be heated and set at only 140 degrees F, compared to the several hundred+ degrees required for most commercial thermoplastics. This allows you to set the Forj tape in place using just about any heat source. A blow dryer works great, or a heat gun. You can use hot water, coals, or even make like MacGuyver and use a magnifying glass and sunlight.

And once set, the thermoplastic tape holds its form and retains up to a thousand pounds of tensile strength. That makes it suitable for tasks long thought to be beyond the range of tape. You can fix knife handles, door jambs, chain links, car rocker panels and more with this stuff.

Forj tape can also be used, in a pinch– no pun intended– to replace the adhesive around a rivet or drywall screw that’s been stripped and no longer fits right. Wrap a single strand of the stuff around the screw or bolt, and slowly heat it up as you secure it in place. If you’re using an electric driver or impact wrench, the heat of friction may be enough to set it.

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