Transform Your Outdoor and Indoor Spaces With Warm and Romantic String Lights

holiday lights
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Holiday lights don’t have to be strictly for the holiday season. While they obviously will help spice up your seasonal decor and look beautiful strung outside, these lights can also be used year-round to give your home a festive ambiance.

Below we have chosen some great string light options, all in simple, warm, white-yellow lighting schemes that are perfect for everyday use. These mini string lights are weatherproof and bright enough to illuminate the darkest of corners yet subtle enough to create a romantic setting.

With options from 25-33 feet in length, you will have a generous amount of lighting for larger areas and should you need more, the Globe String Lights can be strung together up to 432 watts. The other sets of string lights give you the option of including a remote to control the LEDs, adjust their brightness or switch lighting modes with the push of a button. These lights also contain safe, insulated copper wire that is flexible, easily molds into any shape and can be wrapped around almost anything. These string lights also have the advantage of staying at low temps so they are safe to the touch even after many hours of use.

1. TaoTronics LED String Lights

The TaoTronics LED Strings lights are a DIY-ready LED lighting kit which allows you to create your own lighting show. These dimmable lights come with 33 feet of lighting, an updated remote control with short-circuit protection, 10 levels of brightness and adjustable flash, and smooth or strobe options that can create vibrant and dynamic atmospheres. These lights are also weatherproof, eco-friendly, safe and convenient.

Pros: This insulated copper wire is flexible, easily molds into any shape and can be wrapped around furniture, plants, windows, staircases, etc.

Cons: Multiple strings of lights cannot be strung together.

holiday lights TaoTronics Courtesy of Amazon


2. Brightown Globe String Lights

The Globe String Lights by Brightown come with a 25 foot long string with 25 clear bulbs, end to end. Perfect for hanging indoors or out, these hanging lights give off a warm white light, are weatherproof and use replaceable energy-efficient bulbs.

Pros: Multiple strings can be connected for larger spaces.

Cons: These lights are very fragile and should be handled with care.

holiday lights brightown Courtesy of Amazon

3. TaoTronics LED String Lights

The LED String Lights by TaoTronics are one of Amazon’s best-selling set of string lights. Cost-effective and energy-efficient, these lights are similar to the ones above, however, they cost less as they do not come with a remote control. With 33 feet and 100 LED’s, these lights will not overheat even after hours of use, come with a waterproof power adapter and provide white-yellow bright lighting.

Pros: These lights are made from high-quality copper wire that is thin, flexible and coiled with a paper tub so it will never make a mess and always be ready for use.

Cons: Proper care must be taken to wind and unwind as these lights may tangle easily.

holiday lights taotronics Courtesy of Amazon