Ministry of the Interior: 10 Home Decor Upgrades Under $100

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* Decorating your home can be a daunting task
* If you’re looking for Pinterest-worthy home décor, look no further
* Transform your space with just one piece

Decorating your home and choosing the right pieces to keep your style cohesive can be a major challenge if you’re naturally blessed with an eye for design a la Nate Burkus or Joanna Gaines.

And, let’s face it, trying to give your space an upscale makeover isn’t exactly cheap, either. But fortunately, there are several budget-friendly items that can give your home or apartment an instant transformation and style upgrade without breaking the bank. We’ve hand-picked ten versatile home decor items that will instantly re-invent your space with just one piece–under $100. These items will work with most existing interior design styles, and will help guide your direction if you haven’t quite decided on your home’s aesthetic style yet, or are simply just clueless about decorating.

1. Accent Mirror

Adding a decorative mirror to your living space not only functions an ornate piece of flair, but it also adds dimension by creating the illusion of more space with its reflection. This Prism Mirror goes one step further with its 3-dimensional, sculptural design.

Prism Wall Mirror Amazon Image courtesy Umbra (left) & Urban Outfitters (right)


2. Retro Bar Cart

A gilded bar cart is one of the chicest ways to add antique charm to your living room, kitchen, or dining room without looking too dated. A minimal bar cart will also help to save space and display pretty wine bottles or swanky bourbon bottles. And, if you’re someone who likes to entertain, this multi-functional cart will make serving a breeze.

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3. Indoor Plants

Adding an indoor plant is one of the best ways to incorporate nature inside your home. It will help your interior space feel more animated and the greenery will help promote a calming ambiance in your home. This artificial indoor plant looks so real, you and your guests will be fooled. For natural low-maintenance indoor plant options, click here.

Indoor Plant Decor Wayfair Image courtesy of Wayfair


4. Hanging Pendant Light

Also referred to as a “modern chandelier,” hanging pendant lights add a sense of mid-century modern style to your kitchen space, above your couch, or even over your bed as an elevated reading light. Statement lighting will transform your space by adding an unexpected element that stands in as a minimalist centerpiece. We love this glass globe light for rustic, industrial, and mid-century styled spaces.

Modern Pendant Light Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Decorative Accent Chair

Chairs are just as important to creating an aesthetically cohesive space as tables and other furniture items. Whether it’s a set of unique acrylic dining chairs or a singular, mid-century inspired accent chair as seen below, having a statement chair is a must-have for any home or apartment. We love this love this mod replica rocking chair to complement a wide range of interior design styles. For the non-rocker arm chair option, see here.

Mid Century Eames Chair DSW Image courtesy of Amazon


6. A Geometric Area Rug

Let’s face it, although rugs can be more of an investment piece when it comes to home decor, they are an important part of any space and can really guide the overall direction of your decor theme. A black and white rug with a geometric pattern is a versatile piece that will add texture to your space, without clashing with other furniture and decor items you may have. For those who have a minimalist style, trying opting for a rug in a bold color such as navy blue or fuchsia for eclectic spin.

Accent Rug Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Standing Display Shelf

Perhaps the most creative way to save space and put your personal collection of favorites on display, standing ladder shelves will transform your space both visually and spatially. Great to be used as bookshelf, camera shelf, or to display your indoor plant collection, this rustic shelving unit is truly a must-have for your home.

Modern Standing Bookshelf Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Window Curtains

One of the most underrated aspects of decorating your home, window curtains can transform your space dramatically. Opting for a sheer finish curtain will allow for more natural lighting in the room and adding a wash of color can reflect lovely shadows that change beautifully with the changing light through the day. Plus, a colorful curtain can be used to compliment other accent colors in your color palette or to simply add more texture to a flat room. So, get rid of your bulky, white blinds and opt for one of these stylish options instead .

Decorative Window Curtain Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Neon LED Lamp

LED signs give your space an art gallery feeling, without having to invest in costly paintings or signed prints. The unexpected color works well in bohemian and modern spaces, while adding a touch of color. Doubling as both a piece of wall decor and statement lightning, neon lamps give your room an instant touch of personality in just one piece. LED lamps are also great for adding creative decor to your child’s bedroom or play room.

Neon LED Lamp Decor Image courtesy of Target


10. Faux Sheepskin Rugs

This classic go-to is a staple in home decor and interior design for a good reason. Sheepskin rugs add texture and a luxurious feel to any style of interior design, while also having antibacterial and thermostatic properties. If a genuine sheepskin doesn’t seem like a worthwhile investment, get the look with a high-quality faux fur rug. Many of the synthetic options feel just as soft and look just as luxe as their genuine counterparts, but for a fraction of the cost. We love them laid flat as a rug, draped over an accent chair or sofa, or used as an elevated seat cover.

Sheepskin rug amazon Image courtesy of Amazon

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