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10 Ways To Upgrade Your Space For Under $10

* 10 simple additions to give new impetus to your home
* Items include decorative fans, hanging baskets and wall decals
* A little goes a long way – all of these decor items are under $10

When you haven’t updated your home decor for a while, things can really start to feel a little stale. While you may dream of remodeling your kitchen or ripping out a wall for the ultimate upgrade, the reality is that your finances may not allow for such drastic change. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t make any changes.

Below you’ll find a list of home decor additions that bring enough change for a fresh feel yet won’t break the bank. Every item on the list costs less than $10.

1. DawningView Japanese Handheld Folding Fan

Whether you choose to use it or hang it, this handheld fan is a beautiful piece. The hand-crafted decoration is made from first-class bamboo and is decorated using the famous piece of artwork by Hokusai, “The Great Wave.” It also has an attached tassel for a bit of extra flair.


2. CALISTOUS 1PC Storage Basket

Keeping clutter out and tucked away is an easy way to upgrade your space. And these Handicraft Storage Baskets are a simple way to achieve an organized look. With a choice of 4 fun designs, including hedgehogs, whales and polar bears, you can even buy more than one to help organize your excess. Ideal for offices, kitchens and even playrooms, you’ll love these handy helpers.

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3. LAZAMYASA Printed Rose Couch Pillowcase

Replace your old pillows or even add some more color to a dull space with these attractive rose-printed pillow cases. The design is available in a range of colors, so you can always match them to your existing interiors. In addition, they are made from comfortable bamboo cotton, and each case features a zipped closure for securely fitting your pillows.


4. Furniture Creations Tea Light Oil Warmer

Sometimes even the most subtle change can make the biggest difference, and the Furniture Creations Tea Light Oil Warmer is a great example of that. The unique shape and hint of light will transform your space into a classier area. Plus, the sent provided by the heated oil really makes for a relaxing environment. The stand is available in 3 different colors, which makes it easy to match to your existing interiors.


5. Edtoy Natural Wood Design Soft Log

You may have slept like a log before, but have you ever tried sleeping on one? The Edtoy Soft Log is a fun throw pillow, which looks exactly like a log you might throw on the fire. It is positively ideal for matching with wooden interiors. Whether it’s for your vacation cabin, camping caravan or just a den in your home, this super comfortable and unique log pillow is a great way to shake up boring interiors.


6. CobraCo White 12-Inch Hanging Basket

Why not add a touch of green to your living space by fixing some hanging baskets to your outdoor living area? The baskets are made from a wire frame and hang from a metal chain, all of which has been coated in your choice of white, green or black. Once your flowers have bloomed, you’ll enjoy the injection of color these spring-like decorations bring to a home. Works great for patios and backyards too.


7. Lorraine Home Fashions Gypsy Panel

Delivering elegance from head to toe, this high-quality Lorraine Home Fashions Panel can transform your window from a cold light source to a warm and welcoming area. You can choose from 4 different colors to match to your interiors, and the panels can be paired to form functional, drawable curtains. The versatile nature of the panels mean they are well-suited for use in almost every room of the house, including bedrooms, lounges and offices.


8. VWAQ Enjoy the Little Things Vinyl Wall Decal

The words on this wall decal offer may be a striking sentiment you most likely should be reminded of day in and day out. A timely sign placed inside a home can help bring perspective when it’s required and help you focus on the days to come. This wall decal in particular can be applied to pretty much any surface, whether it’s hard or smooth, and the decal comes with easy installation instructions.


9. Fashioncraft Good Luck Elephant Candle Holder

Classy, animal-shaped items are always a safe choice when it comes to upgrading your inside space. And this elephant candle holder is no exception. Capable of holding a single tea light, which is included in the box, this striking, ivory elephant arrives pre-painted with a hat and saddle blanket. The stunning little pieces make ideal shelf decorations or table pieces and provide the added ambiance of a burning candle.


10. Quasimoon Battery Lantern

If you find that the light in your home can be too overpowering, take it down a level with these Quasimoon Battery Lanterns. Each features an attractive, spherical design and is available in both paper and nylon options. You can also choose from a full range of colors. In addition, if you don’t want to permanently have lanterns scattered around your house, these versatile lights are great for birthday parties, weddings and outdoor living rooms.

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