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SPY Guide: 9 Home Items You Should Own by Age 30

* If you’re approaching your 30s (or are already there) your home should reflect it
* Your home décor should match your personality—but also your maturity level
* These basic items are a foundation to a warm, inviting and organized space

Post-college home decor is all about stocking up on the essentials and beginning to grow your home furnishing collection. But once you’ve reach your mid-twenties, college-era plastic red cups used for beer pong, shouldn’t be used in lieu of actual glasses, nor should you still be sleeping in your twin bed from your parents’ house.

By 30, you should be starting to build your collection and should already have a few essential items that really cement (and display) your grown-up status. It’s time to start actually adulting.

While retailers like IKEA and Target may always be a go-to stop for affordable home furnishings and decor, it’s time to start investing in items that are both higher in quality and design. Whether you’re still in a rental apartment or are in your own place, by the age of 30 you should have the following items your home.

1. Matching Flatware, Plates and Glasses

First of all, after 30 you really shouldn’t have any plastic plates or glasses anymore. If simply must hold on to them however, don’t ever whip them out when the in-laws are in town or you’re hosting a dinner party. You should have enough of each category to serve eight people on hand at all times. They don’t have to be fancy or expensive–they just have to match. Easy enough, right?

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2. An Organized Closet

Once you reach your late twenties, there’s really no excuse to have your clothing strewn all over your room and your closet bursting at the seams. It’s time to get organized and efficient–trust us, your morning routine will be so much more pleasant after you take this step. Get rid of unwanted clothing items (if you haven’t worn it in a couple of years, you probably never will) and invest in a space-saving organizing kit to help you maintain order. For more closet organizing tips, click here.


3. A Sophisticated Mirror

Mirrors do more than allow you to maintain your vanity and check for lipstick on your teeth before heading to the office– they also add a sophisticated touch, and create the illusion of more depth and space. Over-the-door mirrors are for high schoolers or college freshman–not anyone over the age of 22. Choose a statement piece for your entryway area or a full-length leaning mirror for an ultra-luxe statement piece.

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4. A Console Table

A console table is an elegant way to add more storage to your home, display your sculptures, floral arrangements and succulents, drop your keys and mail, or stow your handbag for the evening after you get home. Whether placed in your entry way, hallway, or even your bedroom, a console table will fit in almost any space, with the added bonus of offering additional storage to make it more efficient too.

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5. A Headboard

Nothing screams college dorm room more than a frame-less bed without a headboard. While you may have been able to stay somewhat comfortable in your 20s with this set-up, it’s really time to upgrade your sleeping space. Depending on your personal style, you can opt for an upholstered headboard with luxe, tufted velvet, or a minimalist wooden one for mid-century modern lovers.

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6. An Organized Bookshelf

It’s acceptable and even stylish to have books and magazines stacked in piles as “decor” in your 20s, but this simply won’t fly once you hit your 30s. Invest in a nice bookshelf that matches your interior and helps foster your budding organizing habits. Book shelves are also great way to infuse your space with your own personality and to display your interests. If you’re in a small space or apartment, opt for a

or a corner bookshelf to save space.

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7. A Full Set of Pots & Pans

Once you hit the big 3-0, there’s really no excuse to have a kitchen without the right tools to cook a full meal for guests. You can expect to be hosting and entertaining more and more as you get older, and this means you’ll also be cooking more too. Invest in a high quality stainless steel set of pots and pans, that will last you for years to come.


8. Personalized Art Collection

This doesn’t mean you should be seeking out an original Monet, but you should have some wall art that has a personalized meaning to you or that you feel a connection to in some way or another. If for some reason you still have posters or art prints displayed on your walls without framing, take them down immediately. Frameless wall art or movie posters were cool in high school, but it’s time to bump the needle. For a curated selection of art prints for every home decor style see here. Not sure where to start? Abstract art work is an agreeable style that will suit a wide range of home decor preferences and color schemes. Bonus: this one comes framed.


9. An Area Rug

Interior designers unanimously agree that the first piece that greets you or guests when you enter a home is an area rug. This should be a high quality piece that you spend a little money on. Like a good haircut, rugs are not the thing you want be frugal with. They have the ability to completely transform your space in a single piece. Add some color and vibrancy to your living room with a geometric, colorful rug, or stick a neutral cowhide they will flatter most interior styles. Yes, they may be trendy, but they always look chic.

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