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Transform Your Home Into a Tropical Paradise With This Molton Brown Mist

* Infuse your room and sheets with comforting aromas 
* Fragrance includes notes of sandalwood, jasmine, coconut and cinnamon
* Perfect housewarming gift or use to refresh your own home

Infuse your home with the Coco and Sandalwood Home and Linen Mist from Molten Brown to create a comforting and uplifting atmosphere. Spray liberally into the air or mist over pillows and linens for a soft, soothing scent that evokes a luxurious, exotic island getaway.

Concocted by some of the world’s finest perfumers, the Coco and Sandalwood Mist includes delightful notes of fresh cut coconut, warming cinnamon, uplifting jasmine, vetiver and sandalwood.

The newest addition to Molton Brown’s room spray range, this mist subtly mixes an enveloping experience with low key notes so the scent never becomes overpowering. It’s gentle enough for everyday use, or apply a more liberal dose (and spray over a centerpiece and seat cushions) when entertaining.

Created by Molton Brown, London’s premier body and beauty connoisseurs since 1973, the spray comes in a chic package inspired by classic perfume and cologne bottles.

The delicious scent makes this serene spray an ideal gift for friends or family, but don’t be surprised if the comforting and relaxing aroma convinces you to keep it for yourself. 

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