Get Organized: 25 Home Storage Hacks That Will Instantly Declutter Your Space

garage storage solutions from the home
Courtesy of The Home Depot

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Keeping your home nice and organized requires a lot of time-consuming work — or a little proactive planning. But if it’s too late to plan ahead, then clearing clutter suddenly becomes a never-ending task. That’s why we’re always on the search for the best tool storage and home organizers. The best home storage hacks keep your bathroom, kitchen, garage, or living room organized. And when your home is organized and tidy, you might be surprised how much your mood improves.

So no more shoes wandering around your bed, tools in your closet or kitchen cabinet, and kids’ toys roaming around the house. To help you out, we’ve gathered our favorite home storage hacks into one place.

Take a look at these organization products for the garage, kitchen, entryway, laundry room and even your kids’ bedrooms. We won’t blame you if you need them all, but we bet your house isn’t that cluttered. And if it is, then you’ll definitely want to keep scrolling.


Wrap-It Storage Heavy-Duty Straps, 6-Pack

We’ve all been there — trying to untangle hopelessly tangled extension cords of Christmas lights. These heavy-duty Wrap-It Storage Straps will keep cables, hoses and other items neatly coiled. They are made of weatherproof polypropylene, and the straps feature an industrial-strength hook and loop that can hold up to 50 pounds. They come in a set of six in three different sizes, each with a rust-resistant metal grommet for easy hanging.

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Wrap-It Storage Heavy-Duty Straps Courtesy of Amazon

DeWalt Deep Pro Storage Organizer


We love DeWalt’s tools, and we love their tool organizers as well. So it’s no surprise that they would make an appearance in our guide to the best home storage hacks.

garage tool organizer Courtesy of ACE Hardware

Husky Overhead Ceiling Mount Garage Rack

This overhead ceiling rack is one of our favorite garage storage hacks. Not only does it save space, but it keeps your items safe from damage by keeping them off the ground.

overhead storage rack for garage Courtesy of The Home Depot


Ernst Manufacturing Home and Garage Organizer Tray


We love tool organizers, as there’s no way to keep your garage or your tool chest organized without them. This sturdy organizer has plenty of space for screwdrivers and other small tools.

tool box organizer ernst manufacturing Courtesy of Amazon


Simple Houseware 4-Tier Shoe Rack

Whether you take your shoes off at home, everyone needs a shoe rack to keep the boots nicely organized and ready to go. This simple but steady shoe rack has four shelves and can fit up to 20 pairs of shoes.

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Simple Houseware 4-Tier Shoe Rack Courtesy of Amazon


Construction workers have been using buckets to store their tools for ages. If you didn’t know already, now you do — you can use a bucket as a toolbox and keep all your tools tidily organized and ready to go.



Flow Wall Modular Shelf System

This modular garage wall shelving system can be used to store everyday items like backpacks and tools as well as heavier items like hoses and ladders.

modular-wall-storage Courtesy of The Home Depot

Yukon Wall Mount Tool Organizer

This tool organizer won’t fit in your toolbox. Still, it will keep all your gardening tools, including shovels, brooms, and rakes, organized. You can use this wall-mounted tool organizer for tools, indoor cleaning equipment, spot gear, and more. This organizer is going to be a hit in your garage.

Yukon Wall Mount Tool Organizer Courtesy of Harbor Freight

HDX 27-Gallon Tough Storage Tote

That’s right; this heavy-duty storage tote is the perfect addition to your home. It helps keep all those valuable items nice, safe, and most importantly, organized, keeping your home clutter-free. They are stackable and can withstand a weight of up to 600 lbs of pressure.

HDX 27 Gal. Tough Storage Tote Courtesy of The Home Depot

Home-Complete Over the Door Organizer

This pantry organizer will keep all your spices and non-perishable products nicely organized. Don’t have a pantry? Not a problem because you can install this over-the-door organizer in your closet to hold and hang clothes. 

Home-Complete Over the Door Organizer Courtesy of Amazon

Favbal Wall Mount Organizer

Stop shoving your broom next to the fridge or behind your trash can. This wall mount organizer by Favbal will keep your broom, mop, and cleaning towels in check. It is durable, easy to install, and fits most broom and mops pole sizes.

Favbal Wall Mount Organizer Courtesy of Amazon

StorageLAB Under-Bed Shoe Storage Organizer

These under-bed organizers can help you make space of every inch, which is why they’re one of our favorite home storage ideas.

under bed shoe organizer storagelab Image courtesy of Amazon


Lifewit Large Capacity Clothes Storage Bag

No more fighting in the closet trying to fit all the extra towels and blankets you own. This set of three organizers will not only keep your bedding and bathing cloth organized but easy to access, thanks to the see-through window. 

Lifewit Large Capacity Clothes Storage Bag Courtesy of Amazon

Rolling Triple Laundry Sorter with Hangbar 

Laundry is never going to be the same with this rolling laundry sorter. Perfect for keeping all your colors, whites, and underwear separate, the hang bar makes it easy to air dry those delicate pieces of clothing.

Rolling Triple Laundry Sorter with Hangbar Courtesy of Target


DocSafe Document Bag with Lock

And last but not least, to keep all your essential documents in one place, the DocSafe storage case is the one you need. It is fire and waterproof, has a lock, and is compact but will fit all your important documents.

DocSafe Document Bag with Lock Courtesy of Amazon


Vacuum Storage Bags, 8 Jumbo Space Saver

Vacuum storage bags are a great travel hack when packing your clothes inside your suitcase, but this set is perfect to use at home for all those large clothing pieces you will use once in a while. You can use your vacuum at home, but it comes with a small manual pump if you are traveling. Yes, you are very welcome for this one.

Vacuum Storage Bags, 8 Jumbo Space Saver Courtesy of Amazon


Spiretro Key Hook Holder and Mail Organizer

Have you noticed how much mail we get weekly, even after signing up for paperless? So, get this cute and versatile mail organizer instead of shoving your mail into the cabinet drawer. It comes with key chain holder hooks, a little shelf, and a compartment for the mail. 

Spiretro Key Hook Holder and Mail Organizer Courtesy of Amazon


Humble Crew Toy Storage Organizer

If you are a parent, you already know how much of a struggle it is to get all your little one’s toys organized. Well, this fun and colorful toy organizer comes with plastic bins, which are great for small and medium sizes toys. Now, no more crayons and legos on the ground. You will be happy to add this to your kid’s play area and take back some of the lost space.

Humble Crew Toy Storage Organizer Courtesy of Amazon


VASAGLE 3-in-1 Coat Rack, Hall Tree, and Shoe Bench

Entryways are always a tricky place and the ones that often get the most clutter, especially in the winter when you have people over. This 3-in-1 Vasagle rack will help you keep the entryway organized all the time. It has space for your shoes, coats, scarves, and more. Plus, it is versatile and rustic looking that goes well with any paint color.

VASAGLE 3-in-1 Coat Rack, Hall Tree, and Shoe Bench Courtesy of Amazon


MUDEELA Pan Organizer Rack for Cabinet

You can use the Mudela Pan organizer in three ways: inside your cabinet (vertical on both sides or one side) and over the counter. Say no more missing lids and pans, and get ready to cook.

MUDEELA Pan Organizer Rack for Cabinet Courtesy of Amazon


Airtight Food Storage Container Set with Lids

If you are tired of having a bunch of boxes and bags of different cereals and bags using space efficiently. In that case, this set of 24 containers in all different sizes will make your kitchen look the most organized it has ever been. Just see the picture and see how much you can do.

Airtight Food Storage Container Set with Lids Courtesy of Amazon


SimpleHouseware Stackable 2-Tier Sliding Basket Organizer

And for all the detergents, sponges, or any additional dish cleaning supplies or toiletries, the SimpleHouseware Basket organizer is the solution. It is made of durable material, easy to put together, and fits in most under-the-sink cabinets.

SimpleHouseware Stackable 2 Tier Sliding Basket Organizer Courtesy of Amazon


YouCopia UpSpace Box Organizer

Raise your hand if your Ziplock bags and foil boxes take up your cabinet’s space. If you raise your hand as I did. These little but helpful organizers will make everything more organized and easy to find.

YouCopia UpSpace Box Organizer Courtney of Target


HOOJO Refrigerator Organizer Bin

Say goodbye to all the clutter in your fridge and say hello to your newly organized one with these see-through storage containers. Don’t waste more space, and keep all your veggies, fruits, and drinks neatly in place. 

HOOJO Refrigerator Organizer Bin Courtesy of Amazon


Vtopmart 25-Piece Clear Plastic Drawer Organizer

This bathroom organizer is one of the most versatile and useful you can get for your bathroom and vanity drawer. The set comes with 25 pieces in all different sizes, so you can keep all your bathroom belongings nice and tidy.

Vtopmart 25 PCS Clear Plastic Drawer Organizer Courtesy of Amazon


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