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These Crazy Glasses Let You Read & Watch TV While Lying Down

* Prism glasses for reading and streaming
* Read while pointing your head at the ceiling
* Great for avoiding neck soreness

Tired after a long day at work? Is neck tension getting you down, making it painful to even so much as stare mindlessly at your social media feed? Well luckily, the future is here and with these sci-fi looking prism glasses you can enjoy a seeing things from a whole new angle, plus get some rest for your weary head. They may be one of the strangest eyewear pieces we’ve seen so far, but their innovative functionality is even crazier than their form. These next-level glasses bend light 90 degrees and let you read or watch TV while inclining your head as if you’re staring at the ceiling.

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Image Courtesy Amazon

Call it the world’s most analog set of virtual reality goggles, these glasses make a very clever use of 16th-century technology to help alleviate the sore neck you get from staring down at your 21st-century technology. Now you can watch Black Mirror while wearing something that looks just like it came from an episode of Black Mirror! What they’ve done is essentially to take half of the reflex mechanism from an SLR camera and stick it onto the front of a pair of cool plastic glasses. Put them on and when you stare straight ahead you get a clear picture of what’s by your feet. It’s weird, but it works. Plus, they’re great for costume parties.


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