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Hot in Home Design: Portable Fireplaces Make Any Room Cozier

There’s nothing like cozying up to the crackle of a flickering fire on a cold winter night. Fireplaces provide a romantic setting that has entranced people for thousands of years. They create a beautiful centerpiece for any room, fill our homes with warmth, and—most importantly—melt our marshmallows to that perfect golden-brown state.

No fireplace? No problem. Tabletop fireplaces are an elegant and easy way to bring that primal flare to any home. There’s no vent or chimney required, making this hot little number from Sharper Image perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Plus, it runs on clean-burning ethanol, so there’s never any smoke, soot, or ashes to clean up.

Set the mood in your living room with this safe, portable fireplace. It’s more romantic than candles alone and adds sophistication with its refined shape, high-gloss finish, and—oh, yes—those enchanting flames.

Much easier than loading your hearth with logs you chopped yourself, this tabletop fireplace simply requires you to fill the reservoir with liquid bio-ethanol fuel (which is conveniently sold at Sharper Image as well). Once you light the flame, you’ll enjoy up to three hours of a twinkling fire that is sure to bewitch anyone who sets their eyes on it.

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