Hot Tub It Up No Matter the Weather With a Hot Tub Gazebo You Can Use All Year Long

Sunjoy Hot Tub Gazebo
Courtesy of Wayfair

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It’s that time of year again: summer has come to an end, and while it can be kind of hard to embrace winter, hot tubs make it a whole lot easier. Even though it’s cold outside, it’s warm in here, baby. Get out your best swim trunks and prepare for decadent, steamy relief that works out all the kinks in your muscles. But, those with a hot tub know damn well — a good soak is nothing without the privacy of a hot tub gazebo.

For those who are blessed enough to have a jacuzzi hot tub sitting in their backyard, your swimsuits are probably readily available any time of year. In fact, they’re probably blended right into your underwear or sock drawer. That’s because no matter what the weather is, you people have the option to take a dip in your at-home hot springs no matter the time of year. And let us be frank: we’re damn jealous.

But, if you have this luxury all year round and don’t yet have a hot tub gazebo, you’ve been doing it wrong the whole time. Bad owner!

With a hot tub gazebo, you have the ability to chill inside your hot tub no matter what the weather’s like outside and keep you as comfortable as possible. From snow to rain to sleet to a sun that might just be too bright one day, a hot tub gazebo shelters all jacuzzi dwellers from the elements so they can enjoy their time in the tub worry-free.

Hot tub gazebos come in various shapes and forms. Some come with skylights, walls and even minibars. No matter how you choose to keep your jacuzzi safe from the elements this winter, here are some of the best hot tub gazebos that’ll allow you to relax in hot water no matter what the weather brings.


1. Outdoor Living Today Naramata Spa Shelter


Having all the bells and whistles when it comes to an attractive, durable and multipurpose hot tub gazebo won’t come at a bargain price, but this spa shelter comes in at around a $5,000 price range (depending on where you get it and how fast you want it) is a splurge worth investing in. The gazebo itself is nine feet by nine feet, so it’ll fit most normally-sized hot tub jacuzzis with no problem. It has a center skylight up top in its cedar roof, so you can view snow collecting as you hang in your big, hot body of water. During the summer months, feel free to use the sidebar counter attached and have some drinks with your closest pals. Heck, it even comes in handy during the winter when sitting wine outside.

Outdoor Living Today Naramata Spa Shelter Courtesy of Amazon


2. SUNCROWN Outdoor Garden Gazebo


This outdoor gazebo is perfect for placing over your hot tub and has excellent reviews on Amazon. It’s dual-tiered and features a canopy that gives it stability against harsh winds. The powder-coated aluminum frame is rust-resistant and designed to keep it in place, and the corner curtains cover the poles so your gazebo looks polished at all times. It’s quick and easy to setup and versatile, you can use it anywhere in your backyard if you decide to give away the hot tub one day (which you shouldn’t.)

suncrown hot tub gazebo Courtesy of Amazon


3. SummerCove Sienna Hot Tub Gazebo


The barn aesthetic has become more and more popular over the past couple of years and it’s safe to say we are pretty big fans of the look ourselves. That said, this hot tub gazebo instantly struck a chord with us upon gazing. It’s got that deconstructed yet rustic approach to it similar to most barn-y vibes. It’s made to be immensely structurally sound and is topped with a durable, rust-resistant black powder-coated steel hardtop perfect for all weather-related issues. The back and front provide aesthetically pleasing slats for extra privacy and there’s even a hook at the top of the roof’s interior for a light fixture if you choose (not included). And, while this isn’t a hot tub gazebo with a bar, you might be able to squeeze a slab of wood in and build your own if you please. Who said you couldn’t do a little DIY?

SummerCove Sienna Hot Tub Gazebo Courtesy of Amazon


4. Quictent Privacy Pop Up Canopy Tent


Whatever you’re doing in your hot tub, you probably want it to be private. This tent is perfect for covering up a hot tub so your nosy neighbors can’t spy on you when you take your after-work spa sessions. It has mesh windows so you still have airflow and the cover is waterproof and anti-UV so your hot tub will be protected and private. The pop-up tent is super easy to set up and comes with a powder-coated steel frame that’s been given an anti-corrosion treatment. All four walls are interchangeable and it comes with a wheeled carrying bag if you need to transport it anywhere.

quictent pop-up hot tub gazebo Courtesy of Amazon


5. Sojag Messina Aluminum Patio Gazebo


Unlike solid wood gazebos, aluminum is sturdy but has the ability to be moved around more easily. The galvanized steel roof offers shade and a stylish, streamlined look but unlike a canvas roof, doesn’t need to be changed. There’s even a built-in track system for screen netting and curtains. This permanent gazebo will keep you dry year-round, and one reviewer helpfully adds that it “creates a great atmosphere with lights strung inside.”

Sojag Messina Aluminum Patio Gazebo Courtesy of Wayfair


6. Canopia by Palram Closed Gazebo/Hot Tub Enclosure and Solarium


While a gazebo doesn’t technically require a gutter system, having one is generally beneficial. They stop heavy rainfall and leaves from causing damage and stop debris from piling up. They can also be a form of collecting rainwater if you have plants you need to water. This enclosed hot tub gazebo with glass-like walls is ideal for the cooler months when you don’t want cold air sneaking in, but the treated bronze roof panels also provide shade during sunnier days.

Canopia by Palram Closed Gazebo/Hot Tub Enclosure and Solarium Courtesy of Home Depot


7. Sunjoy Hot Tub Gazebo


This hot tub gazebo by Sunjoy features a visually gorgeous look to it that has a purpose — rain run-off on its rust-resistant powder-coated steel roof. In addition to that, this gazebo is ramed with cedarwood and comes with a built-in shelf for serving. That’s right, a hot tub gazebo with a bar. Is there anything better than lounging in your hot tub with a pitcher of your favorite ice-cold drink waiting close nearby?

Sunjoy Hot Tub Gazebo Courtesy of Wayfair


8. Aleko Pergsand Grape Trellis Pergola Patio Gazebo


Let’s get real — not every hot tub needs a gazebo. Some of you jacuzzi owners have been doing just fine without one for years. But, sometimes when you want to use your hot tub in the rain or snow, the option just can’t exist. For those who enjoy their wide-open spaces but still want to use their jacuzzi in crappier weather, look no further than the Aleko Pergsand gazebo. This gazebo is essentially just a few poles with a removable top, so you can let the sun in when you want, but close off the rain when you don’t want to. It’s elegantly designed to look beautiful and drape nicely alongside the rest of your outside furniture and the aluminum and steel frame is both long-lasting and immune to chipping and erosion.

Aleko Pergsand Grape Trellis Pergola Patio Gazebo Courtesy of Amazon


9. Apex Garden Universal Privacy Curtain Set for 10′ x 12′ Gazebo


Not only will you get full protection from rain, snow and sleet, but also get full protection from sun and winds with Apex Garden’s curtained gazebo. On days where you want to use the hot tub and breath a little, simply open each curtain up with provided zippers and let the elements pour inside. But on days where the elements are unbearable, completely shield yourself off from the outside world and stay warm and cozy the whole hot tub sesh. The curtains are 100% polyester, UV protected and water repellent (but not necessarily waterproof). Unlike the two gazebos prior, this structure doesn’t have a skylight, but it does have topside openings for ventilation.

Apex Garden Universal Privacy Curtain Set for 10' x 12' Gazebo Courtesy of Amazon


10. Florence Aluminum Patio Gazebo


This striking non-wood gazebo is a must-have option for any backyard jacuzzi. Plus, it leaves an ample amount of space inside for some extra seating and outdoor furniture if you choose to include. It takes the classic gazebo-look into a modern way of designing with angled-but-rounded, clear-yet-tinted edging that makes the entire gazebo visually more private. It’s really ideal for all-season use.

Florence Aluminum Patio Gazebo Courtesy of Wayfair


11. Abody Gazebo


As mentioned, some don’t necessarily need an entire gazebo enclosure to cover their hot tub — and that’s fine. With that being said, this retractable roofing option is a more casual way to block sun and rain that has the ability to mount outside of all at-home spas. Handlers can simply tilt to operate when needed for use. Each gazebo uses powder-coated steel and is built to be very durable, but make sure to only use for sun and rain. This is not something to use during heavy storms, strong winds or whilst snowing.

Abody Gazebo Courtesy of Walmart


12. Sojag Outdoor Charleston Solarium


Whether you have the biggest jacuzzi in existence or just need a little more space in your hot tub gazebo, look no further than this massive enclosure from Sojag. While most throw an outdoor couch and table in this space, we suggest throwing in a hot tub, love seat and small table inside to make the most of your indoor/outdoor space. Coming in at a massive 10 feet by 10 feet, the possibilities are really endless.

Sojag Outdoor Charleston Solarium Courtesy of Amazon


13. Alvantor Bubble Tent


When we say that the Alvantor Bubble Tent is easy to set up, it’s easy to set up. Like, it quite literally pops up. You have to do nothing. Nothing! Now, does it get any more effortless than that? The bubble tent is an ideal way to keep your hot tub rain and snowless during inclement weather. It comes with ventilated holes and windows to maximize airflow while still keeping you dry. Or, well, not dry considering you’re fully submerged in a hot tub. Let’s say, less rained on. Unlike a lot of our options here, you’re not going to get any shade from the sun, but this does make for an excellent option to use when it’s incredibly chilly outside or when it’s raining at night.

Alvantor Bubble Tent Courtesy of Alvantor


14. Backyard Expressions Luxury Hub Style Metal Pop Up Gazebo


If assembling a gazebo isn’t your cup of tea (we don’t blame you) consider a pop-up gazebo. Unlike more flexible synthetic materials, this metal frame will ensure that your hot tub gazebo doesn’t move around. The walling fabric on the side provides weather resistance and also shields people from bugs in the summer. One shopper even comments that it stood tall during a thunderstorm. It’s much easier to put up than more permanent gazebos but still provides sufficient protection.

Backyard Expressions Luxury Hub Style Metal Pop Up Gazebo Courtesy of Wayfair


15. Purple Leaf Outdoor Retractable Pergola with Sun Shade Canopy


If you don’t want a hot tub gazebo that’s as permanent as some of the other choices, this one by Purple Leaf has a sunshade that can be retracted. The elegant, flat-topped silhouette makes this a #1 best-seller on Amazon, but one buyer comments, “Sturdiness wise, we had our concerns and seems like maybe it could blow over in super hard wind or a bad storm, so we ended up placing sandbags around the poles and now it seems nice and stable. “

Purple Leaf Outdoor Retractable Pergola with Sun Shade Canopy Courtesy of Amazon


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