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You Can Get This 10-Piece Egyptian Cotton Towel Set for Just $20 If You Act Fast

We’re firm believers that you’ll rarely regret impulse buying something you use every day. For many of us, that means coffee makers, electric toothbrushes, deodorant and water bottles. If an item is regularly a part of your routine, then chances are you’ll find a way to use it.

Towels definitely fall into that category, and they are also a household staple you should replace from time to time in order to keep things as clean and sanitary as possible. Well, if you’re in the market for new bathroom towels, we just found a 10-piece Hotel Style Towel Set for $20 at Walmart.

With this discount, you can stock your bathroom with fluffy towels for just $2/towel, which is insane. Even Amazon isn’t offering towel sets at this bargain price, and this particular set has strong customer reviews from Walmart shoppers.

Hotel Style Egyptian Cotton 10-Piece Towel Set

Hotel Style egyptian cotton towel 10-piece set


About This Deal: Hotel Towels With a 4.6-Star Rating

These Hotel Style towels are made with luxurious Egyptian cotton and are densely woven to be thick and absorbent. They’re made to dry you off fast while still feeling soft to the touch. They’re durable enough for daily use, and have a machine-washable design that’s easy to clean and bleach to get rid of all the germs. The Egyptian cotton loops absorb excess water quickly and the color is fade-resistant so the color stays vibrant as long as possible.

The 10-piece set includes two large bath towels, four hand towels and four washcloths, so all your drying needs are met. They’ve also all received an antimicrobial treatment to help them stay fresher for longer, while combating odors at the same time.

These towels are available in five different colors, all of which are included in the discount.

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Courtesy of Walmart