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Safe House: The 6 Best-Reviewed Safes For Your Jewelry and Valuables

* Keep jewelry, records, and other valuables safe
* Floor, drawer, and bookshelf options
* Waterproof and fireproof options

We live in a world now where too many people expect too much stuff for free. And, that’s blurring property boundaries. So, a solid safe can be a smart investment. Here are six of the best safes to protect your valuables.

1. Stalwart Book Diversion Safe

Fool ‘em all with the Stalwart Book Diversion Safe. It’s a secure, metal safe that blends seamlessly into your bookshelf. It comes with two keys.


2. Stack-On Electronic Drawer Safe

The Stack-On Electronic Drawer Safe fits inside most drawers. Two live action steel locking bolts keep it sealed tight. And it has an easily programmed electronic lock.


3. Peace Keeper Clock Diversion Safe

The Peace Keeper Clock Diversion Safe is a fully functional and decorative rectangular clock. But inside, it’s modified to work as a diversion safe with a large secret stash compartment hidden behind the face of the clock. Plenty of room to hold common valuables like cash, keys, jewelry and even some handguns.


4. Amazon Basics Security Safe

No need to overthink your security with the Amazon Basics Security Safe. It features steel construction with carpeted floor to protect against scratches and damage. It also has an electronic lock and two override keys.


5. Sentry Safe Fire-Resistant File Safe

The Sentry Safe Fire-Resistant File Safe is UL classified to give you advanced fire protection. Ideal for protecting critical home or business documents, records and valuables. It’s especially handy for protecting fragile digital media, too. And, it’s water resistant enough to be submerged for up to 72 hours without a breach.


6. Jssmst Digital Securty Safe

The Jssmst Digital Security Safe is battery operated and features three live locking bolts, a bolt down kit, and two emergency override keys. Plus it’s spacious enough to accommodate most laptops.


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