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Men, Here’s How to Avoid Clogging The Sink When You Shave

* How to keep the drain clear
* Catch hairs and residue from shaving
* Keep those you live with a little happier

You know what’s one thing your significant other, roommates and family all have in common? None of them like finding a bathroom sink clogged with shaving cream and tiny hairs. While we’re sure there are some humans on earth who might be aroused by such things– the internet has after all shows us that there are apparently people attracted to old socks– it’s gross to almost everyone else.
So guys, here’s how to avoid clogging the sink when you shave. It doesn’t require extra work, and is much cheaper than calling a plumber, and easier than fooling around with a drain “snake” yourself because you’re so “DIY.”

1. Stainless Sink Insulator

Yes, it’s a small, stainless steel cup. It catches soap scum and little hairs, so they don’t go down the drain and clog it. Plus, when not in use you can leave it in the cupboard and use it as a tiny shot glass.

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2. Beard Hair Catcher

Think of it as a bib for beards, or a beard hair hammock, if you will. It suction cups to the wall and keeps the whole region clean.

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3. TubShroom

The TubShroom, so named because of its functional mushroom shape, is a genus invention that catches hairs as they swirl down the drain, sequestering them in its “stem” so they can’t block the flow.

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