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The Best Furniture Sliders for Smooth Moves and Protected Floors

Having hardwood or marble floors is a beautiful addition to any home, but they come with some added responsibility. You’ve got to put in extra work to avoid stains and use furniture sliders to keep heavy pieces of furniture from leaving scuffs, scratches and skid marks. Coffee tables, side tables with storage and especially heavy pieces like sectionals have hard, pointy feet that can leave behind a mark with even the slightest movement. Adding in small, sticky furniture sliders not only protects your floors, but makes it easier to move furniture around when you’re cleaning, rearranging or moving.

They make furniture sliders in a variety of sizes and shapes, and out of a bunch of different materials so you can choose what works best for you. Some are simply felt stickers that introduce some cushion in between your furniture and the ground, while other are grippy rubber that firmly plants your furniture in place. We’ve gathered the 10 best furniture sliders below to make your purchase a little easier.


1. X-Protector Premium Furniture Pads


Available in two different shades, so you can choose what best suits your furniture, the X-Protector is designed to be applied directly to a chair leg with its adhesive side. After that, it works to keep your floors scuff-free and your furniture in place using felt on the other side. This set comes with 133 pieces, making it perfect for larger furniture collections or entire household moves. The pieces come in different shapes including circles, larger squares and strips, so no matter what piece you’re trying to protect you’ll have a slider that works.

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2. Supersliders Value Pack


This pack of furniture sliders from Supersliders comes with larger strips, larger circles, smaller circles and squares that all make moving furniture easier. They’re designed to not have a weight or size limit, and are made to be reusable so you can store them after a move for the next time big pieces of furniture need shifting. This kit comes with 52 pieces, half of which are designed for hard flooring and half for carpet, and is available in two colors — linen and brown.

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3. Shepherd Hardware Square Rubber Furniture Cups


The caster cups provide added grip, and can work with any leg up to three inches thick. You slide them under the leg, and they stay put without requiring additional adhesion. They’re built with a universal mount as well as 360-degree swivel, and have a 125-lb load capacity. They have a spring-loaded design that avoids gate sag over time, even on uneven surfaces, and are made to stay on easily.

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4. SoftTouch Waxman Carpet Based Round Caster Cup


Covered with carpeted bottoms to protect your wood or marble floors, these Caster Cups from SoftTouch not only protect your floors from scratches, but protect your ears from awful scraping sounds. They’re caster cups with soft, carpeted bottoms and can be applied to almost any piece of furniture in your home. They’re 2.5″ in diameter, so might be a little large for smaller feet.

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Image Courtesy of SoftTouch


5. FLERISE Furniture Moving Felt Pads


These furniture felt pads from FLERISE are designed to be reused again and again whenever you need to move furniture. They’re made of high-quality EVA foam and are made to protect floors while minimizing noise as well. Half are pads for hardwood floors and half are plastic trays for use on carpet, so you’ve got options for different parts of your home.

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6. Desunia Heavy Duty Felt Nail-on Slider Glide Pads


If you want something that’s definitely going to stay secure, these pads by Desunia are nailed into the legs, and will last longer than standard stick-ons. They’re made to be more permanent attachments, so make sure your piece of furniture will accommodate that and you’ll like the look before purchasing. They come in a reusable box that makes storage easy, and are also a deep espresso color which will blend well with darker woods.

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Image Courtesy of Desunia


7. Amazon Basics Anti-Slip Furniture Pads


These furniture pads from Amazon Basics are made for placing underneath furniture legs to protect your flooring, whether you’re got hardwood, marble, cement, etc. They’re made to prevent scratches and scrapes, furniture slippage, dampen noise and other potential hazards. They have a durable, non-slip bottom and a soft layer that elevates furniture slightly to decrease noise and provide a barrier. They also have adhesive backs so installation is easy.

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8. Trushome Furniture Slider 24-Pack


These padded foam, durable furniture sliders are designed thick and reusable, and contain no adhesive that could potentially stain or damage your furniture. They’re made with a combination of felt and rubber foam and securely grip your piece as you move it. They make moving heavy pieces easier and provide protection for your floors. This pack of 24 comes with only one size, 2.5″ circles, that are versatile enough to use on a wide range of pieces from couches to coffee tables, chairs and even refrigerators.

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9. Reusable Furniture Sliders for Carpeted Surfaces


If you would like to protect your floors, but still move your furniture with ease, these sliders are for you. They’re ideal if you’re planning on a move, but don’t want to scrape up your future home. They’re built to accommodate all pieces of furniture, even the largest and heaviest of them, and don’t attach to your furniture so you can easily remove them afterwards. Each oval carpet slider is 9.5″ x 5.75″ and they come in a bunch of colors.

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Image Courtesy of Super Sliders


10. Slipstick Furniture Floor Protector Coasters


The bottoms of these furniture coasters from Slipstick are coated with rubber, so they securely stay on your furniture without needing to apply an adhesive. They’re perfect for beds, nightstands, dressers and other pieces of furniture designed to stay in one place for a while, since they’re not as slippery as the carpet furniture sliders above. The patented O-ring of rubber provides no-slip protection and they’re made to protect any floor, from hardwood to laminate, tile, marble and more.

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