Better Budgeting: 4 Proven Ways To Help You Stay On Budget Each Month

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* How to take control of your finances and stick to a budget
* Includes budget planners, money envelopes and a step-by-step guide
* These tools eliminate the stress of budgeting and saving money

One of the biggest challenges we all have is staying on top of your finances. Whether you’re making millions or just scraping by, organizing your money and ensuring your bills are dealt with is complicated and sometimes confusing. Not only is the whole process incredibly stressful, mismanagement of your financial situation can also lead to debt. No one likes feeling like they don’t have disposable income to spend.

In the list below, you’ll find four items that are proven to help keep your finances balanced. These items include a budget planner for your records, a step-by-step guide to financial responsibility and money envelopes to see where your money is going. If you’ve never tried financial aids like these before, maybe it’s time? They will help you save money or deal with any long-term debt you might have.

1. Your Balanced Budget (Monthly Planner)

Physically seeing a log of your incomings and outgoings is a helpful step in keeping your finances balanced. Inside this well laid out budget workbook, you can write down your numbers in the easy-to-use charts. The clear presentation of the 48-page planner allows you to build monthly tables that contain your expenses, broken down by category, to identify where any problems or money leaks may be.

The planner also encourages the setting of goals to ensure continued progress in your financial situation. Plus, it features a flexi-cover and wire-o binding to allow your planner to sit comfortably on a flat surface as you fill it out.

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2. The Financial Peace Planner: A Step-by-Step Guide to Restoring Your Family’s Financial Health

One of the most important factors in staying out of debt is understanding exactly how you do that. The Financial Peace Planner: A Step-by-Step Guide to Restoring Your Family’s Financial Health  was written by Dave Ramsey, a financial expert who has previously helped millions of people across America take control of their cash.

The book is ideal for anyone who finds themselves feeling lost or in debt, and it will help you assess the seriousness of the debt you are in. No matter the conclusion, this book will become a guided path for correcting that situation in an honest fashion. Furthermore, by laying the book out in a workbook format that’s easy to follow, Ramsey provides readers the ability to see their progress and continue in a forward direction using a realistic budget.  

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3. Budget Keeper Cash Envelope System

It may seem overly simplified, but having physical envelopes to separate your cash by expenditure can really help you remain disciplined with your money. This set of 12 envelopes comes pre-printed with category spaces as well as grids and tables to record what’s inside. In addition, the envelopes come in assorted colors to make identifying the categories simpler. And, each envelope is tough, lightweight and water resistant to keep your money safe inside.

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4. DATA-LOPE Bill-Butler Monthly Household Bill Organizer

A simple way to stay on top of your monthly bills is to keep them all in one place. This 12-month Bill-Butler keeps your bills organized and provides an easy way to store your important documents. In the book, you’ll find a “Bill Calendar” to record incoming bills, and the organizer also features full-size envelopes to keep your bills, policies and any other related papers at hand. Furthermore, keeping everything recorded in the Bill-Butler makes things a whole lot simpler when tax day comes around. And once the 12 months are completed, it’s easy to store your bills away for later reference.

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