No More Cutting Corners: 7 Ways To Clean Those Hard to Reach Spots In Your Home

Clean Those Hard to Reach Spots
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* Extend your reach when it comes to cleaning
* From dark crevices to dizzying heights
* Plus an improved dustpan

These seven nifty cleaning tools help get rid of grime, dust and filth in high and otherwise hard to reach places. At least in a literal sense. But they say a clean environment reduces stress, so here are some handy ways to extend your reach into the corners and crevices.

1. Extension Pole

Great for lofts, this telescoping extension pole lets you clean your ceiling and overhead spaces without having to become Spider-Man first.

DocaPole 6-24 Foot Extension Pole Image courtesy of Amazon

2. Curved Toilet Cleaner

Toilet bowls are curved, so why are most toilet cleaners short and straight? This curved bowl cleaner sets things to rights.

Curved toilet cleaner Courtesy Amazon

3. Fuginator Tile Scrub Brush

It looks like brass knuckles for cleaning, and this narrow little brush really does punch above its weight when it comes to cleaning the grout between tiles.

Tile Brush Courtesy Amazon

4. Telescoping Rotating Mop

This rotating mop saves time and helps get corners and under appliances where other mops can’t, unless you’re ready to perform some mop acrobatics.

Rotating Mop Courtesy Amazon

5. Handheld Garment Steamer

More than a glorified iron, this garment steamer might just save a trip to the dry cleaners or two. And it also helps clean carpet and rugs.

Garment Steamer Courtesy Amazon

6. Unger 2-in-1 Grout Cleaner

Thanks to its V-shaped bristles, this grout cleaner lets you clean tile corners way more easily.

Grout Tile Corner Cleaner Courtesy Amazon

7. One-handed Broom and Dustpan System

Know how when you sweep, most of the stuff gets stuck to the broom bristles? Especially if you have pets, sweeping can get really frustrating. This broom and dustpan set has built-in ridges on the side of the dustpan to actually get dust and debris off the broom and into the dustpan.

Broom and Dustpan System Courtesy Amazon

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